Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro 3MP Web Camera Review

Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro 3MP Web Camera Review

The Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro is a budget Web Camera that is good for cheap and best products in this price range. its good for online classes or for making other purposes. However there’s a need of clarifying the product before buying. The doubt you have might clear by this review.

Specifications & Features

Interface: USBBuilt-in Microphone
Image Sensor: CMOSAutomatic White Balance
Lens: 5P High Quality LensNight Vision
Video Resolution: 1280*720 (24 FPS)Manual Switch for LED
Cable Length: 1.58 MeterWide Compatibility

The Performance or The Quality

It come with a plastic fiber body the fact is that it looks a bit cheap in quality. Indeed there is no denying that by looking at the cost. The design or the looks of the product is simple it has four LED at the front which can be turn on by switching the Button at the back side. To make it work or to attach is really simple you just need to clip or attached with the one you wanna attach.

The ZEB-CRYSTAL PRO is a USB powered web camera that would pair well with your computer, laptop and help one make video calls etc. The webcam comes with a USB interface that makes it compatible with most of PCs and laptops.

For the price range it has a high resolution web camera that comes with a built in microphone and which is good for making calls.

Even though the company doesn’t provide any Manual or instruction using is very easy, the reason is that you don’t need any Driver for Installation , you just need to plug in the cable in to the USB Drive then search for Camera on Windows Panel Click on that and then you are good to good.

The performance of the Web Cam in low light is not that good. Because the Flash of the Camera doesn’t add that much light to it. and it end up with grainy. Now coming to the Microphone is working well . But microphone is not so good, because you need to speak at loud voice to be heard.

It is okay product pricewise or the price range under Rs. 1000. By fixing the quality or placing it correctly the quality can be a bit improved. The reason might because of the 480P resolution.

Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro 3MP Web Camera Review
Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro 3MP Web Camera Review

Should You Buy The Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro?

Even thought the product has many downside but on the other hand the low cost make it affordable. With that being said the product has not that top or high quality to offer. But it get the job done.

What I mean is that if you are planning to buy a product that is low cost which can only be use for online examination purpose or something like I surely recommend this one.

However if you’re plan is something or more than online it will be a good decision to look for another one. Which are on the higher price which has a good quality.

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