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Topic: Wings Glide Neckband Review

Indeed, the company provide a budget segment TWS, Neckband and others. However, this earphones is literally a lucrative buy at just Rs 1,199. Wings Lifestyle products are generally for those who are on a budgets. Well, keeping a side this, lets find out the details of Wings Glide Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphones.

Stuff Place One Rating:

Battery Life60
Value For Money80


  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.
  • Warm Sound Profile.
  • Looks Good and Comfortable.


  • Decent Battery Life.
  • Some Times Bass Use To Get Boomy.
  • Thin Treble At High Volumes.

Well, the Wings Glide Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphones is relatively a budget segment purchase. As compare to the price it does really produce a good sound quality. Yet, there is a lack in terms of features.

But if that is not your main concern, this Wings Glide could be a good option to buy for. Indeed, it does have a warm sound profile that’s not gonna let you down.


Design & Build Quality

What’s In The Box?

  • Bluetooth Earphones
  • User Manual
  • 3 Size of Eartips
  • USB Charging Cable

Well, before we get started I want you to know one thing is that, you really need to handle with care.

That’s because of its flimsyness, so that you can avoid sudden stop working the earphones.

In terms of build, quality and design by looking at the price it is really good and tough. Indeed, because of its sporty design, the one who are interested in, would really love them.

In fact the neckband is really flexible and lightweight. That’s because of its Plastic build and but look cheap. And it has a matte finish on it, wether in the earphones or the buds. Which makes them really feel good while on hand.

Regarding the module of the neckband, on one side of there is nothing much given except only the branding. On the left side of the module, LED Indicator, Micro-USB Charging Port (You can use any 5 V 1 Amp or 5 MilliAmpere to juice up) and 3 Physical Button.

Coming to the wires which connect the neckband to the earbuds are simple. Even though they are simple the joints are really tough and there will be no sign of early damages. It also has a plastic adjuster that equipped with the band.

Lastly, the buds are really unique and really looks good. Yet, they are small in size, which it give more advantage to it. In terms of material like the earphones has a Plastic build. Which adds less weight and even wearing for a longer period it doesn’t add much pressure to the ear canal.

Because of its 45° design the listening experience can be more good. Regarding the quality of eartips are really great and really soft.

It also have a magnetic at the backside of the buds. Likewise, they does not feature any Play or Play. Yet, the quality aren’t really good and it is really decent.

wings glide neckband review

Battery Performance

As per the company claim that it can last upto 6 Hours with a single full charge. Yet, this may not be the case, indeed it can last upto 5 hours with a 50 percent volume.

Well, the battery life is really decent, however could not be complain because this are budgetary neckband.

To get fully charge it can take upto a maximum of 2 Hours using a Micro-USB. Instead of this if Type-C port is available it would be more great.

Connectivity & Controls:

It come with a Bluetooth 4.2 Version instead of 5.0 or 5.1 Version. Getting a old version of Bluetooth means there is a change of lag in streaming while YouTube or Netflix vidoes.

Regarding the range it can go beyond 30 Feet with any obstacles without any interruption in musics or calls. But if there is any obstacles between there is break on it.

It also has a support of Google Assistant or Siri. To get access this you need to press Middle Button. However, the Wings Glide doesn’t support any AAC and aptX. Indeed it support only the standard SBC codec.

Wings Glide Earphones has really a snug fit. Because of its sung fit it does have a passive isolation. In terms of comfort it is really comfortable even wearing for long hours it doesn’t provide any uncomfortable feels. Well, it can even be worn in Gym, Running or while Exercising without any hassle. There is no or less chance of falling out of the ear.

Call & Mic Quality

The call quality is also pretty good. Without any muffle the other person could hear your voice as well as you could also hear the voice as well. Because of its lack in Noise Cancellation features, in the busy environment the background noise could really go louder.


Coming to the Latency it doesn’t seems too low. Yet it is pretty decent. When watching an online videos there is no lag on it. But, when coming to the Gaming it seems there is a delay upto 1 seconds.

Wings Glide Neckband Review: Sound Quality

The quality of sound is really good as compare to the price. Indeed it has really a good output in any type of genre. And the output sound is really warm.

Regarding the bass, it relatively has a lots of drive. Indeed, it does have a punchy output sound. But in some cases that’s depending upon the tracks the bass gets boomy.

As far as high it use to get little when turning up at high volume. Be that as it may, it doesn’t get any twisting. In any case, the soundstage is restricting and imaging are conventional. Yet, there is no stifle up with some other the Mids or Lows.

Indeed the Vocals stood all alone, solid tolerable on these headphones. The mids are marginally under underscored so the vocals can once in a while a secondary lounge to the next low and top of the line instruments,

Wings Glide Specs

With MicYes
Bluetooth Version4.2
DriversNeodydenum Drivers
Headphone TypeIn The Ear
Inline RemoteYes
Sweat ProofYes
Deep BassYes
Water ResistantYes
CompatibilityAndroid/IOS Mobiles and Laptop
Item Weight170 G
Dimensions20×16.5×3.1 cm
Warranty1 Year Replacement With Manufacturing Defects Only.


The Wings Glide is moderately a spending fragment buy. As contrast with the value it does truly create a decent stable quality. However, there is a need terms of highlights.

Be that as it may, if that isn’t your primary concern, this Wings Glide Neckband Wireless Bluetooth could be a decent choice to purchase for. Without a doubt, it has a warm stable profile that is not going to allow you to down.


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