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Topic: TAGG Sonic Angle 1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Meet TAGG Sonic Angle 1, the new age portable Bluetooth speaker that is destined to make a difference. Boasting intricate and imaginative design.

This speaker has an incredible 2*5W output along with the innovative 50mm*80mm bass radiator that makes it super loud and adds ample bass to make your music listening experience even more memorable.

What’s In The Box?

  • User Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Sonic Angle 1

What Really Are The Key Features of TAGG Sonic Angle 1:

Some of you might have a doubt regarding the performance. Well it should be, because of that whatever I know about while research regarding the TAGG Sonic Angle 1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. I will share with you in this post.

Stick With It.

Lets Get Started.

Does The Powerful Battery Incredibly For Extraordinary Output:

As per claim by the company this product comes with an inbuilt mAh of 2200 battery. That it can last upto 8 hours. Which can roughly play more than 100 song with a single charge.

However, this is not the case. Yeah, this is same in every Bluetooth Speakers, indeed it can last upto 4 or 5 Hours with a maximum volume with a single full charge. And Yes by setting down the volume upto 50 or 60 it can last more than this.

At some point, this won’t let you concerning tye performance of the battery. Yet it can gives you the control of whenever you want to listen to music.

Don’t Worry About The Connectivity:

Seems this Chota Packet has really a lots of option on it. Nonetheless, it does have a supports of dual connection. Like Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5mm AUX cable for wireless/wired to make you connect with the device any place at anytime. But the sad part is that there is no option for USB connection.

Well wait that’s not all.

This little beast will give you an unique listening experience. The reason is that it is equipped with wireless connection stereo mode. It can lets you connect two speakers at the same time. Not only in sound it can take you the overall music listening experience to next level. The only thing you need is only pairing the speakers and choosing the track of your choice.

Design & Build Quality of Tagg Sonic Angle 1:

The Tagg Sonic Angle 1 is boast with a new design triangular shape. Indeed this really make it simple and it can be kept on place without taking much space.

Concerning the quality of the material are good enough in this price point. The overall body material is plastic. Yet, at the sides are a components of rubber material. But the drawback is that it can easily attach with the dust.

The front side of the speaker are attached with a metallic grill along with a two speaker and a TAGG logo. Which is really a plus point.

The controls button are located in the right side of the speaker. If we look at the left except the Logo are given. Regarding the backside it is only equipped with a charging port and Aux port. And the bass radiator are located at the bottom of the speaker.

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Well Protected With IPX5 Water Resistance:

First of all let me make you clear this is only a Water Resistant and this product is not Water Proof. Yet it is well constructed with a features of IPX5. In addition to this it makes the Bluetooth Speaker splash and water resistant as well as dust proof.

So, it can make you easily enjoy your favorite song while on the move. Along with this it will not interrupt your listening song even with a splash of water or with dust. Only enjoyment without thinking much.


Control Button:

The control button are pretty quite responsive and it can easily get the work done ease.

  • Volume Up and Down lies along with the Bluetooth Button. Well, it has a support of Google and Siri. So, to activate this you need to Long Press the Bluetooth Button.
  • Besides the Volume and Bluetooth button at the upside there lies a Power and TWS button.

With the absence of Play/Pause button this can really be annoying. The reason is that everytime when you try to turn it off you need do it manually through the connected devices or to switch directly the speaker.

Sound Quality of Tagg Sonic Angle 1 Review:

Well by looking the size you won’t believe the loudness of this Tagg Sonic Angle 1 Bluetooth Speaker. You will amaze by it’s performance. It is like “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka “. Indeed it is really power pack and bold speaker even though it is small in size. Plus thus small Bluetooth Speaker has really power and richness on it.

“Note: Please don’t compare with the JBL, Sony or Phillips Bluetooth Speakers. Because this is not a professional speaker. Yet they are only for general listening or entertainment purposes”

Let’s break down into parts regarding the sound output quality. So that you can really have a good understanding.

Well, the response of the highs arep quite really impressive. And it will get your attention. The highs quality in this Tagg Sonic Angle 1 Bluetooth Speaker are really fresh and clear. And the background instrument that produce are really clear as well.

Regarding the mids are also good enough and complaint on it. The vocals are also clear as well. The amount of quality that pushing out are really majestic.

The bass part also really magnificent. It is not only amazing and loud sound quality. This Tagg Sonic Angle 1 has a 50mmx80mm bass radiator located at the bottom to elevates its built-in bass.

Because of its powerful Bass Passive Radiator it can even make the simple songs played with powerful bass. Indeed the ultramodern feature that equipped are perfectly well play to stand out.

Yeah, it has a good passive radiator and it really stand out. But there is one little drawback on it. The reason is that it tends to get a little muddy especially while playing a rock & roll songs.

Concerning the distortion yeah it distort a little bit while playing at 100% max volume. But yes if you can sacrifice the volume percent you wont fill any distortion.

Should You Buy or Not?

Tagg is a new but not so new Indian company started making a name in the field of Headset’s or Bluetooth Speakers. Well, their product are really quite good impressive in terms of quality as well.

Regarding this Tagg Sonic Angle 1 has no compromise on sound quality as well as the build quality and the performance. Angle 1 is really a must have a budget Bluetooth Speaker. But, this is good for only general listeners. Because the bass output at the rock and roll are not that enough. Instead you should go for a higher price.

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