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The Verdict:

Wireless IN-Ear headphones Sony WI XB400 are ideal for purchasing if you want to like a lot of bass. When it come to music, this could be a dream partner. Along with a nice fit and makes it comfortable. However, it’s not so ideal for travelling. Also noise isolation and latency this stands below par.


  • Good Battery.
  • Well Balance Sound.
  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight & Portable.


  • High Latency.
  • Noise Cancellation Isn’t That Good.
  • No IPX Ratings.

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Stuff Place One Ratings

Battery Life 4.3/5
Sound Quality 4.0/5
Design & Quality 4.0/5
Value For Money 4.4/5
Noise Cancellation 3.5/5
Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0/5

Availability & Price

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones is available in two different colors- Black and Blue. At the time of writing this review the price in India is ₹ 3,499 on Amazon.

Sony WI XB400 Review: Design & Build Quality

First thing first, Let’s have a look at What’s In The Box?

“USB Type-C Cable, User Manual, Extra Eartips, Sony WI XB400”

By comparing with the build quality and the price it is very decent. That’s because of its overall plastic and rubber material.

Even though the material has a combination of plastic and rubber the quality are really strong. The wire and the neckband joint are also tough enough including the module joint.

The wire has a rubberized material and flat. However, the joint to the buds are little bit thin as compare to the other joint. The eartips quality is also decent, and they are really soft.

Well, the design are really simple like the other normal neckband earphones. They are simply attach with the buds. Along with the inline module having a inbuilt microphone and a control button.

Additionally, to make it more less hassle and tangle-free both the earbuds had a built-in magnet. It doesn’t only help in clutter free but also help in arranging in pockets and even while not in use. However, there is no feature for Pause/Play or On/Off.

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Control Button:

The control button are smooth and they are easy to master.

  • – (Volume -)/ (Previous)
  • + (Volume +)/ (Next)
  • Power Button for Play/ Pause music track.
  • To Receive or End Call you can Press Middle Button. And simply you can adjust the volume by using +/- button.

Apart from this to communicate easily your contacts, to get direction and play you can access to Google Assistant or Siri. But for this you’ll need voice assistant compatible Android or Ios.

In addition, to make the conversation more flows and free it has a feature called Hand Free Calling. That’s make it possible because of an built-in microphone. It mean that you need not to take out devices from your pocket to receive calls.

Is Sony WI XB400 Waterproof?

To honest the Sony WI XB400 Wireless doesn’t have any waterproof. This means that you need to be careful while handling when it come to water.

With the absence of this feature it may be suitable in gym, jogging or even while exercising. Because it has a risk of damage if expose to water.

Comfort & Fit:

It come with three extra eartips, even though the eartips are fairly small and could fit in any type of ears canal.

But before you try to find out which one has the right fit for your ear. So, that you can better experience when it comes isolation.

With that being said, the smaller the better when it comes to In-Ear earphones, because it makes no hassle and discomfort and they are perfect for. sports, gym and even for exercise.

In addition to this, you won’t find any issue when it comes to stability because of their snug fit. However, because of the long wire and button attach it could cause bouncing while exercise.

The Noise Isolation:

To get that perfect noise isolation you need to choose the perfect eartips, so that it can get block the ambient noises.

With that being said the performance in the lows is poor. In the mids it does the excellent job and in the highs it just an average.

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Talking about the leakage of sound is good, at moderate volume there is nothing could be hear. However at high volume there is leakage in the bass s well as in treble.

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Call & Mic Quality:

The quality of call is not that very good. What I mean is that quiet environment, you or the end person could hear the voices clearly.

But when in noisy environment your experience is not gonna that good. Because it can get drowned the background noise so much.

Coming to the quality of recording, is not that good but it is acceptable. Indeed the recorded sound are clear as well as understandable.


The latency response are really high wether in Android or in Ios. It gone upto above 150 ms. This leads into an issue while watching a movies or playing Games.


The WI-XB400 use a Bluetooth 5.0 version with a profile of A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP. Plus having a support of SBC, AAC audio format. No doubt about the range and strength of connection are really good.

Approximately it can take the distance upto 30 Feet or 10 M. Like I mention before the latency is not that good.

In terms of compatibility it can connect with device having/support Bluetooth. Besides this it can also connect with a PC having a capabilities of Bluetooth.

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Sony WI XB400 Review: Battery Performance

As highlight the by company the battery can last upto 15 hours with a single full charge.

For the product size and the range of price, the performance of battery is fine. Like other audio products in real life, this can last upto 12 hours.

Drainage of battery should not be the main concern because of its quick charge. With just 10 minutes of charge it can juice upto 60 minutes of usage time.

For charging it use a Type-C that really a good thing. However, it take upto 3 Hours to get fully charge from zero percent.

Sony WI XB400 Review: Sound Quality

The Sony WI XB400 doesn’t only play part in EXTRA BASS. To get exceptional and enhance it does really well even the low end frequencies. Not only this it does handle clarity, lifting every track with wave after wave of thundering rhythm.

Indeed, if you can get a proper fit, the performance of frequencies response will amke no different.

The Bass

As the name suggest this is an Extra Bass In Ear Wireless Earphones. It does really justice to it. What I mean is that it deliver the bass accuracy very well. Even the lows-bass or high-bass it handle very well that there is no muddy or clutter in sound.

The Mids

Regarding excellency the squawker carries out the responsibility well. But there is a need of improvement on it. Thats because of a bit slight down in the middle mid. Yet even at the high mid its barely noticeable. Although the voice of singer and and the musical instruments are clearly noticeable.

The Highs

It has an overall precision of high pitch. The high pitch mid plunge make the voice of singer and qualified prospects sound less definite and ailing in splendor. The rise in the mid-high pitch contributes to sharpness. Particularly the tracks which already are low in quality as well as having high brightness.

The Soundstage

Now, let’s have a look at the soundstage.

Indeed, to be straightforward the scenery isn’t acceptable. There’s no greatness on it. Since like In-Ear headphones there is no association with the auricle. Which is very much significant for making the huge and open soundstage.


Weight21 G
Headphone TypeClosed Dynamic
Driver Unit12 mm
Magnet Neodymium
Frequency Response20 Hz–20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz Sampling)
Volume ControlYes
Wearing StyleNeckband Style
Battery Charge Time3.0 Hours Approx.
Battery ChargerUSB Tupe-C
Battery Life (Continuous Music Playback Time)Max. 15 H (Full Charge)
Battery Life(Continuous Communication Time)Max. 15 H (Full Charge)
Battery Life (Waiting Time)Max. 200 H (Full Charge
Bluetooth Version
Effective Range Line Of Sight Approx. 10 M (30 Ft)
Frequency Range2.4 Ghz Band (2.4000 Ghz–2.4835 Ghz)
supported Audio Format(S)SBC, AAC
Supported Content ProtectionSCMS-T
Warranty 1 Year

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Final Words

You may be confused if this is to be bought online or not. Well, this depends on really for what purpose you are gonna use. What I means is that for only music, calls or others. If the case is for music you can consider to buy.

The Sony WI XB400 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones delivers that amount of Bass and quality of music without comprise on it. In terms of perfect this are not. But at this price range the quality of music is well balanced and apart from this its also offers good battery life and comfortability.

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