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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review


Topic: Samsung Galaxy Bud Plus Review

The Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is really good in terms of performance and quality. This is one of the deal breaker because of its amazing battery life, good fit, and lastly no compromise on the quality of sound.



  • Good Battery Life
  • Comfortable To Use
  • Lightweight
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Easy To Use App
  • Wireless Charging Case


  • No Active Noise Cancellation
  • Difficulty In Control

Stuff Place One Ratings:

Sound Quality4.2
Build Quality3.9
Battery Performance4.5
Value For Money4.0
Noise Cancellation3.7

Availability & Price:

As compare with the price whether the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Buds Plus both are an amazing earphones with out a doubt. Indeed, they do have a tone values.

Yet with the new version there is a huge gone up of the price, the older version Galaxy Buds Cost ₹ 9,699 and the new version cost ₹ 11,999 in India at the time of writing this review.

However, it is available in four different color 1. Black, 2. Puple, 3. Blue, 4 White from Amazon India.

Design & Build Quality

If you own or seen online regarding the older version of Samsung Galaxy Buds, both these earphones much the same. This TWS earphones could be one of the smallest, yet thinnest that you could grab online.

Not, only this it is also lightweight and it usually doesn’t past out from the ears while wearing it. So if you’re a person who use this type of earphones you should definitely give a try.

Coming to the build, this has an overall material of high quality plastic. But the earbuds has a mix with a rubber material define by a little wing, to get more secure fit while in the ear canal.

The case is a pill shape and because of that it doesn’t take much space while keeping in pant pocket as well.

Comfort & Fit

Like I mention before about the lightweight and thin fits. Because of that two build features there’s almost no any bounce while working out. But before using make sure to check out which eartips has the right fit for you.

So, that it could give more fit and comfort. Also ultra-fine earfins come to rescue the earphones from moving up, down and side to side and and moving away quickly. 

In addition to this earphones are comfortable and very good fit the way they stay in ear operate. And for thise who have an active lifestyle gonna love this.  


Galaxy Buds Plus Review: Water Resistance Level

This is part where it really let me down and I think most of the user of Samsung Galaxy Buds also notice this. What I mean is that, as most of its competitors using an advance rating like IP4 as well as IP5.

But with the Galaxy Buds+ there is no improvement on this they still using the old IP2 which we get in the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Because this IP2 can only take a drop of water upto a 15 degree angle. You really need to handle with care when it come to water. Suppose if you are caught on the rain and you bend over, you might get screwed over, with some sort of water intrusion. 

I for one like the bit of psyche of an IP4 rating or higher that shields from sprinkles of water from any point. In case if you’re not an individual who doesn’t have a lot of sweat or you’re aware of the climate before a run, you sincerely ought to be fine. Once more, contenders are better for this situation.

Control Buttons

Some of the True Wireless Earphones have a touch controls instead of Physical Button. However, this depends upon the personal regarding the like and dislike. Indeed if the touch are sensitive I would personally like the touch control.

Keeping a side, when the Samsung Galaxy Buds were introduced the touch control were really responsive.

Lets just focus and find out Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus control buttons are responsive or sensitive or not?

Below are the Controls-

Pause and Play, Skipping and Previous Track. Answering or Rejecting call.  

Additionally, you can customize by holding down the left or right earphones.

With the app you can change or activate either Google Assistant or Siri, Turning On/Off Ambient Noise and Volume Up and Down.

In any case, the key highlight remove is that, you can just pick one activity as it were. Assume in the event that you pick volume alterations, you can’t have Ambient Sound or Voice orders and the other way around.

Inside the application, there’s the Samsung Labs which highlights they’re trying. Twofold Tap Earbud Edge is accessible. Inside the earbuds itself it likewise have a Volume Control, in light of that you need not to take out your telephone inevitably.

In any case, include like Audio-Pass through isn’t accessible. Truth be told it is still in exploratory stage.

Yet, the Jabra 75t, the Sennheiser’s, even the Aukey Key Series T10 which are spending headphones offers all the highlights without singling out.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Connectivity

The buds+ offer a good and strong when it come to Bluetooth, and that’s make possible by 5.0 Bluetooth version. Along with this it also offers a range of 10 M or 30 Feet.

Beyond this given range the range is depend on the obstacles, what I mean is that you can het a fair connection if it it not block by none. But, however if it git block you will get an issue. The Bose SoundSport Free has an synchronizing issue while playing videos.

But here with the Galaxy Buds Plus you wont face that issue while watching YouTube, Netflix videos. In addition to this Samsung also prompt for fast pairing, and ofcourse they do pair fastly at 1 second of time.

Moving on with the Buds+ you can pair and connect with a multiple devices. But by pressing on the latter device the source doesn’t work automatically.

It is not simple as compare to the competitors you need to it manually through Bluetooth setting. And Yes, it can jump over without disconnecting the connected devices.

Moreover, you can utilize one earbud or the other. There was auto-delay that works here and there, however simply press play again on your phone to continue your music in one headphone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review: Battery Performance

Well, Well, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has really a huge juice life when compare to its competitors. This could be one of the best when it come to battery life. Indeed, Samsung has a claim of with a single full charge you can use upto 11 Hours. That’s Insane Right! But that’s not all.

It is a fact with a 50 percent of volume you can easily get up to 10 to 11 Hours of usage. As for me the battery is really worth the price.

Additionally, except the buds you also get a charge from the case, that it actually last upto 22 Hours. In fact that case of Galaxy Buds+ is slim and this can be a convenient factor for some because most of its competitor has a bigger case.

Well, it offer USB- Type C for charging and this could be a plus point. Apart from this with just three minute charge it will you one hour worth of music playback.

Also with a 10 minutes on the charger with a wired connection gives you upto 3hrs of playback time which is huge. Lasty, it can also be charge with a wireless charging. Just drop this into Qi charging and its ready to power up.    

Extra Features With The App

With the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus you also get an interesting other features as well. Here are the two fewtures are:

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Firstly, the notifications sounds ca be heard through earphones, also it can customize using the Samsung App.

Secondly, Yet, this type of features is not offer by every brand.

Find My Earbuds, with the help of this feature, you can find it back using the last GPS location.   

Call & Mic Quality

Samsung has really set efforts when that when it come to cleaner and even more accurate audio. With Galaxy Buds Plus it can be noticed and heard the improvement.

To acquire clearer voice transmitting functions together. Typically the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus contains three-microphone array: two exterior and one interior microphone.

Yet, the outer two mics mainly battling the ambien noise. In addition to this sort of functionality is usually also available in Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Well, Galaxy Buds+ have much more clear sounded as examine to the prior Samsung other devices. Nevertheless, the only issue is that it really does not have virtually any Active Noise Cancelling.

Because of which it might not be possible use in a noisy environment.

Noise Isolation

Coming to the Noise Isolation, this earphones doesn’t features an Active Noise Cancelling. But, the passive cancellation of noise is really good. Don’t get confuse with Active and Passive Cancellation of Noise. Because, both of them works in a different way.

Yet, it also have another interesting and cool features. Suppose if you wanted to pass Audio, you can let through in three different ways – Low-End, Medium and High.

Here’s how to do it?

Low-End- Here it’s offer some sound coming through.

Medium– With a touch of amplification you can experience the natural sound.

High– By rubbing your fingers together, you can hear how course your fingers are.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review: Audio Quality

Samsung has claim that It produce a satisfying audio with a clean pure and natural sound.

Let’s see whether this claim is true or not.

Indeed, it does have a clean and well balance sound. When it comes to audio signature the key take away should be neutral across the board.

The overall output is well balance, it doesn’t boosted in any department of the song. It is a fact that the audio are good but there is a need to be a little need of improvement in it.


That won’t give an individual reward in this specific segment rather that will supplement your current experience. That’s as a result of it’s neutrality rather than that heavy inside bass.

If an individual that use to love or to listen a music from heavy striper earphones you may possibly feel a tiny bit lighter. If you choice of audio is Pop or perhaps EDM you may be ok together with this.

Indeed, right now there is no muffle with the heights or mids. In addition to it does stress with the plats and drop plus the thump that modern day and mainstream audio have today.

In the app, you may also get yourself a characteristic called Bass Enhance but a few it may be subtle. Yet , just like I said just before if you usually a bass fan this doesn’t aid much with regards to Striper.

If you’re an individual who is inclining toward non-bass overwhelming headsets. Then these usually are extraordinary. With value to the typical customer, I consider would be ok.


Let’s see how the mid-range perform,

This is where the it really shines. In a broader terms the ways the vocal that works is very fine, and the output is very much identifiable. As well as the instruments are neatly seperated.

This is a perfect for a song that usually rely heavy on singer’s voices. Well, because of that it should be a great choice for listening a Podcasts or Audiobook.

In general the frequencies of mid-range there is no recession as well as there is no pushed forward or bright either.

Even though the performance in mid-range is neutral but the depth as well as audio direction is good. The soundstage isn’t that much wide, expensive nor open. That lead the soundstage a bit lack.

Additionally, you can switch it over to Dynamic by using the App Equalizer and it does help the perform slightly better yet subtle. 


The Highs frequencies are perform well indeed. Extremely characteristic and not striking that fresh higher before being tingy. Nonetheless, not disappointing precisely where there’s too a great deal move off for joy.

Samsung –, for example, most of the scope of the sound track – is typically played safe along with keeping everything even. Contrasting the As well likewise with the earlier Galaxy Buds, it accompanies improvement.

The S’s and upper highs sounds more modern and less lopsided. I accept, if an individual like this sort, you’ll profit by the new sorts of earphones.


Bluetooth VersionBluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)
SensorsAccelerometer,Hall Sensor,Proximity Sensor
Earbud Weight 6.3 G
Case Weight 39.6 G
Case Dimension (HxWxD) 26.5 x 70 x 38.8 mm
Earbud Dimension (HxWxD) 22.5 x 17.5 x 19.2 mm
Durability N/A
Removable Battery No
Typical Usage Time (Hours) Up to 11 Hours
Talk Time/Voice Call Up to 7.5 Hours
Battery Capacity (Earbud) 85 mAh
Battery Capacity (Case) 270 mAh
Battery Capacity (mAh, Typical)85
Number of MIC 6(Audio+ Video)
Ambient SoundYrs
Bluetooth Profiles A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
Compatible Specification of SmartphoneAndroid 5.0 ↑ , 1.5GB ↑ / iPhone 7 ↑, iOS 10 ↑
Package Contents Charging Case,Earbuds,Eartips (S, M, L),Quick Start Guide,USB Cable,Wingtips (S, M, L)
Bixby Connection Yes
Notification Type N/A
Voice Guidance N/A
Warranty1 Year

Final Words

Are galaxy buds plus worth the upgrade?

In short the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus really worth to upgrade, with a little downside.

Here is Why, it is worth, Buds+ has more Battery Life upto 11 Hours with a single charge, While the Buds has only around 7 Hours. The Water Resistance level is same thought, but yes there is an improvement in the quality of sound and a call as well as mic.

No product is perfect, but yeah, the product need to be scrutinized before a decision.

It is a fact that Galaxy Buds Plus give a goods value for who doesn’t want to charge their True Wireless Earbuds on a daily basis. Plus they are not he best in terms of sound quality, but they are good for watching videos and listening to lite bass song.

If your main focus is on calling In this price range Amazon Echo Buds has a better performance as well as better in noise reduction and noise cancellation.

However, If you main focus in on better audio, you should go for Apple Airpods Pro if you are an Ios user and If you are an Android user you should go for Sony  WF-1000XM3. Both these offer more good performance in sound as well in noise reduction.

In terms of battery they are not gonna last long as Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus do. As well as, in price they do cost much more. But they are best for an all round pick.

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