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Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank Review


As all of you Xiaomi has been in the market longer than a years, in the field of Mobile Phone, Accessories,Backpacks, Power Banks and so forth.

On account of them it urge other organization to turn out to be separated of intensity banks or, more than likely in other assembling units.

However, sooner or later Xiaomi seperate Redmi to be a branch brand. So, as a brand it truly concentrating on esteem items like Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank.

Xiaomi as of now sells the Mi Power Bank 2i at Rs 899 in the market. Would we be able to state this must be least expensive force bank that can purchase?.

Anyway to supplant the bygone one they come up with another which is Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank USB Type C and Micro USB Ports, Fast Charging which is Rs.100 lesser.

Can we say that this is another product line-up of Xiaomi. Or It is another better product as compare to other products. To find out the full details stay tune and keep reading.

Package Contents:

  1. Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank x IU
  2. Manual x IU
  3. Cable x IU

Features of Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

  • 10000mAh Li-Polymer Battery: Redmi Power Bank comes with high-density advanced Li-polymer batteries that makes it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency. It can charge Redmi K20 Pro – 1.75 times, iPhone XS – 2.3 times & Redmi Note 7 – 1.75 times
  • 10W Fast Charging: The new Redmi Power Bank comes with 10W Fast Charging. It supports Single port: 5.1V/2.4A (10W) and Dual port: 5.1V/2.6A (10W)
  • Charging outputs that ensures efficient and quick charging for your devices
  • Classic Dual Port: Dual input ports (Micro-USB/USB-C)
  • Dual USB Output with smart charging – Redmi Power Bank intelligently adjusts power output up to 10W to deliver fast and efficient charging for each connected device
  • Ergonomics at its Best: This power bank is crafted using high quality material and comes in classic black and white color. The anti-slip edge texture offers a great hand feel and prevents pesky falls and drops
  • 12 Layers of Protection: Redmi Power Bank comes with advanced level of chipset protection that ensures protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge & discharge, etc
  • Two-way Quick Charge: The feature ensures faster charging for Power Bank and connected devices; Charging time: Approx 6 hours ( 10W charger, standard USB cable)
  • Universal Compatibility: Now charge not just mobiles but  tablets, BT speakers, earphones, headsets, fitness bands etc
  • Made in India: Redmi Power Banks are fully manufactured in India and pass through stringent quality tests and checks
  • Easy to carry: The product has been designed keeping the Indian usage in mind and is easy to fit into a pocket or carry it on-the-go. The weight has been kept to a minimum for easy portability
  • 6 months warranty: The device comes with 6 months of warranty. For queries please reach out to 18001036286

Specifications(Specs) of Redmi 10000mah Li-Polymer Power Bank:

  1. Model no: PBIOOLZM
  2. Rated Capacity: 37Wh/3.7V 10000 mAh
  3. Input ports: Micro-USB/USB-C
  4. Input parameters: 5V/2.1A (IOW)
  5. Product dimensions: 150.5 x 73.6 x 15.1 mm
  6. Output ports: 2 x USB-A
  7. Output parameters : Single port : 5.1V/2.4A (IOW)
  8. Dual port : 5.1V/2.6A (IOW)
  9. Color: Black / White
  10. Warranty: 6 Months limited warranty
Xiaomi Redmi 10000mah Li-Polymer Power BankPrice: ₹ 799.00BUY NOW

Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank Review:

Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank (Black), USB Type C and Micro USB Ports | Fast Charging

How Does The Battery Perform?

This Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank has 37Wh 10000mAh limit with Lithium Polymer battery.

As to limit on the off chance that you contrast together with the old one that is Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh they have same comparative.

However, presently Redmi has concentrate on another crisp highlights, instead of quick energizing they focus more on longer battery-life.

May be 10W fast charging is not exactly what you want. Because, there are some other force banks which offers 18W and more than that which are available in the market.

But instead if you do not focus on fast charging, if your ideal one is extra battery life this can compromise and you can live with.

Which means the 10W fast charging also applies to charge the power bank itself. Hence, queuing at the charging socket can give you less time as in comparison to others.

As Redmi claims that it can charge Redmi K20 Pro – 1.75 occasions, iPhone XS – 2.3 occasions and Redmi Note 7 – 1.75 occasions with its capacity bank.

Which is marginally beyond what you can do with the Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh. The additional battery life is accomplished by going for more slow charging speeds, which is constrained at 10W on the Redmi unit.

According to their case there isn’t a lot of contrast on this while testing. Try not to attempt to use till the battery is unfilled, on the grounds that it can harm the force bank.

Rather, you do charge while the battery is at low rate. Like other force bank to full charge it is the equivalent.

Does The Ports Really Useful?

Yeah, having a multiple in Power Bank is really a helpful one. And indeed it is very handy whenever you need to charge your mobile phone or wether it is wireless earphone and other gadgets.

The micro USB and USB-C ports make it more easy in which while using the banks you can even charge you gadgets at the same time.

Some of us use to carry multiple gadgets while going out. But when the battery drain we really in need of power supplement to boost our devices.

So, if you own this Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank you do not need to worry. Because of its multiple USB ports you charge your multiple devices at the same time.

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Does The Design & Quality Really Good?

Wether it is smartphones or power bank the earlier version of all their product design was all quite similar.

However, this time Redmi has taken design quite seriously.

In this Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank 10W Fast Charging with Type-C port, it does have the same familiar lines and curves from the smartphones yet adding stunning gradients is quite unique.

As opposed to polished it has a beautiful plastic covers, Redmi has gone regarding a matte completion about its plastic shell.

Typically the matte completion feels nice to contact yet it can get smudges easily. The moderate plan is usually something that interests to be able to nerds like us, together with this is the logo set effortlessly in the midsection.

This is being a glaring difference to typically the brilliant power banks coming from Realme.

The sides have got grooves that adds to be able to the stylish intrigue along with increases the grasp. As per the price it has good built quality, lightweight.

The bended edges veil the primary part of the power bank shrewdly and Redmi has likewise figured out how to hold the weight under tight restraints.

Without taking much space this Redmi 10000mAh Power Bank can fit in pant pockets or in a backpack easily. And because of its lightweight and small size you wont feel conveying something massive.

It also has a custom skin from Gadgetshiledz which you can add whenever you want. To make the look more quite unique and more beautiful.

However, the matte plastics did not get scratched easily, but if you are worried about to get spoil the looks you can add the skin on it.

What About The Safety Protection?

It has a built in 12 layer of circuit security protection against from all odds. It includes short circuit, overcharging, discharging, over-heating.

Means you do not need to worry wether you plug-in or out. While charging you smartphones, tablets or any other devices. However, it can really your gadgets from damaging.

Not in most cases but sometimes we use to charge a lot of devices because of unavoidable circumstances, for that there is one option that is Low Power Mode.

So, the benefit of this mode is that it can make the current flow at an optimal range for several hours. In that case there is a less chance of damaging the devices.

To turn on you need to double press the button. And to return back to the normal mode you need to single tap the power button.

This Redmi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank, USB Type C and Micro USB Ports, Fast Charging has an amazing features in which you can check your power status or to switch back to charging modes. To enable while pressing the button you have give some effort on it.


As in comparison to the old version Mi Power Bank 2i 10000mAh which is available at just Rs.899.

This power bank Redmi 10000mah has a better value. Because if we compare the specification of this two, it gives us a clear mind that this is far way better. At Rs.799 this product is just an awesome one.

But inspite of like the other product this one also might have Pros and Cons. I think with the price and features this might be a good choice for owning it.

Redmi 10000mah Li-Polymer Power BankPrice: ₹ 799.00BUY NOW
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