Portronics Sounddrum1 The Ultimate Review


The Portronics SoundDrum1 is one of the lates Bluetooth Speaker that initially launched by the company. As always like other does it worth to buy? Let’s find out in this review.

The Box Contains one Portable Speaker a Charging Cable and a Documentation.


Weight330 Gram
SupportA2DP and AVRCP
Product Size7.9 x 7.9 x 9.5 cm
FunctionBluetooth 5.0, USB, FM
Battery3000mAh Lithium-ion
Product CodePOR 1288, POR 1327
Output10 Watts
Audio Output ModeStereo
Mounting TypeTable Top

Design, Build & Features-

The design of the speaker is like other Sony XB12 etc. It’s quite smooth on the outside surface as well as tough. There’s no mention about the features of water resistant because of that there’s need to be careful while in the wet conditions.

Lightweight and full body matted finish feels good..The top come with a metal grilled as well as the bottom has a grilled. The rear side has a control button like Power Button, Microphone, Play/ Pause, Volume Up and Down. And there’s also a flap which hide the charging port, an LED and a USB port. simple design.

Moving on, the speaker also features an FM Radio which can be easily set up. Even the range or the connection are quite strong and and output sound is also clear. To turn on FM you need to press Power Button till the speaker says FM Mode. To search Local Frequency you need to hold and press the Play & Pause Button for a second. To jump to amother channel you can use Volume Up and Down. The reception is quite good and it can easily store the frequency.

Also features a hand free calling which means it has an inbuilt microphone to use as speaker phone. And Yes, regarding the call quality is good fine and works very well. Like other to get the best call quality it depends on the environment condition.


The Portronics SoundDrum1 10W has a 2000mAh battery capacity along with a playback time of 8 to 10 Hours with a single full charge. With this tiney speaker you can experience 60% to 70% of more volume. Besides this the charging time can be upto 2 hours, but that’s also depends on the battery usage level. For charger it use a Type-C charger.


This device is an excellent example of TWS, or True Wireless Stereo. Two speakers can be connected at the same time. All you have to do is activate TWS Mode and connect two speakers, one of which becomes the mother or main speaker and the other which syncs completely.

It is quite simple to pair your phone/laptop/tablet with the gadget via Bluetooth. To turn the gadget on or off, simply push the main button for three seconds. Then, after selecting the appropriate device and successfully pairing it, you may begin listening to your favourite music.

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Portronics SoundDrum1 Sound Quality-

Starting with the Highs of Portronics SoundDrum1 in Short ita bit sharp and also there’s a bit of artificial sounding. Because of that sometimes it exceeds the normal range. At some point there’s a disadvantage and advantage. The advantage is that the vocal are clear and sharp and it works well for Podcast or Interview or vocals. On the other hand for music where it need to maintain the normal level because of the sharpness it gets a bit high. However this might be a personal choice as well.

At maximum the volume used to get crackle and with that reason maintain the volume at 60 to 70 percent. There’s a chance of reducing the crackling sound or distortion.

Now the vocals or the mid frequencies are really sharp and bright. The vocal are upfront if you’re preference is in vocal than you might like this one. In short the vocals are crisp and clear. But when combining the three frequencies there’s a sharpness on the mid frequency. For Podcasts it will work well but for Music or Song it might not well because of over sharpness.

The bass is little disappointing, it doesn’t mean that the bass is not present, it’s there but its missed the thump factor or the boomy.

The sound output cannot be said it’s balance the reason is that it produce more sharpness in highs and mids and even at maximum volume there’s a distortion.

Should You Buy The Portronics SoundDrum1?

The Portronics SoundDrum1 is not a top notch Bluetooth Speaker in short its an average speaker with average price. Meaning it doesn’t have that quality but fot the price of ₹.1,599 it’s good.

All the products are not same so all the preference are same. If you’re focus is more on the vocals sides it can give you a benefit because this speaker works well with more focus on vocals like Podcasts etc. As far the music is concerned its doesn’t have the balance quality the highs and mids are sharpness are a bit high and there’s also no thump or boomy bass.

Finally, If you are in search of a speaker that more focus on the vocals side you can give a try. But for music you can give a try on another speaker.

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