Portronics SoundDrum Plus 15W POR-1040 Review

Portronics SoundDrum Plus is a 15W POR-1040 Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Stereo Speaker that Comes with Boosted Bass, Equaliser Function, a 3.5mm Aux in-Port, Pendrive and 2500mAh Battery.


ModelSoundDrum Plus
Product CodePor-1040
FunctionsBluetooth 5.0,
Pen Drive, AUX
Battery Capacity3.7V 2500mAh
Play Time 5-6 hrs.
(Depend On The Volume)
VoltageDC 5 V

Design & Build:

Starting off with the build of the speaker in short there’s no cheap feeling and it’s pretty hefty. There are no squeaky parts, dense and nice in the hand. It got all-around fabric on the body along with a clicky button on the side of it. The top has a matte rubber finish to add impressiveness.

The Por-1040 also got an inbuilt mic for answering calls. Regarding the call quality of the speaker, we will talk about it later on. Unlike the older version, the new version has no built-in FM Radio. For some this might be sad to know but for others maybe not. However, there might be a reason behind this.

To cover from water and dust it’s got an IPX6 features. Besides thus it also has an dynamic treble and bass mode, in which you can enable or disable with the press of a button a single button which is placed on the top. Apart from this a dedicated USB port, an aux port as well USB Type-C for charging are located at the side of the speaker.

Battery Performance:

The Por-1040 comes with an inbuilt 2500mAh Lithium battery. In which with a single full charge, it can give a playback time of about 6 hours. But, however, this playback time also depends on the usage as well as the volume percentage. In fact if you want to fully charge the speaker it can take about 2 to 3 hours.

Portronics SoundDrum Plus Por-1040 Review


For a seamless and with no interruption it comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 version. Indeed, the connectivity is quite good, what I mean is that there’s no lag or anything. Besides Bluetooth, you can use a 3.5 mm jack and a Pen Drive for Playing Music or Videos. Like other speakers the range is about 33 feet from the speaker. However, the strong connectivity of the speaker makes it less hassle even if you roam around.

Portronics SoundDrum Plus Sound Quality:

The three frequencies like the highs the mids and the lows make up the sound of a music. The highs is where it mostly on sharp sounding instruments. The mids is usually where the vocals lie, in short it’s make up the body of the music and the lows which is the bass.

Starting with the highs of the Portronics SoundDrum Plus indeed it produces a sharp highs which are very audible and even at max volume there’s no any sort of crackling or distortion.

The mid frequencies are bright, upfront and sharp. Because of this it can go in two ways like advantage or disadvantage way. The reason is that, for a person who prefers more audible, crisp and clear might be a good choice. However if you’re a person who prefer vocals on the more balanced side, this might not be a pleasing one.

Naow coming to the low end or the bass, the bass usually can be set into two mode viz Default or Bass Boosted Mode. The low end produce an adequate sound with punchy and a sufficient bass. There’s no point of rocking your room or table, the bass is there but it misses the punchy one. Obviously the Por-1040 is a mid heavy speaker.

Infact if you want an extra bass with just a single press the button you can go into the bass mode. However, this features it basically mess up the mid and high frequencies. In short the clarity of the song or music is just gone. The reason is that it’s just produce bass this can be very appealing for a bass head.

In the deep bass mode it kills the clarity of mids and highs. So for that reason if your focus is on the clearer side the extra features might not be a good choice. However if you don’t care about the clarity you just need the dub-step or the punchy bass then you can go with it.

Now coming to the call quality is just fine which means it is audible on both ends. However when making call there’s a need to set the volume at the maximum level. If you go away a bit from the speaker there will be a need for loud speaking. That’s means when answering or making calls you need to stay closer to the device.

Should You Buy The Portronics SoundDrum Plus?

Overall the sound quality of the sound drum plus is good and no doubt it is a definite upgrade in all the good ways from the original sound drum barring the inbuilt FM which they’ve taken away.

This speaker is something that is compact and high in quality which can give you good impressive sound with a decent battery backup.

If your focus is on loudness then Portronics SoundDrum Plus 15 watts will be good a choice in this price range and it can get quite loud at max volume. So at this point, this speaker is something to recommend.

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