Oppo Enco W51 Review – What No One Is Talking About


Here in this article we’re going to do a detailed review of the Oppo Enco w51 True Wireless Earphones which price at ₹ 4,999 in India on Amazon.

Let’s Get Started.

Oppo has announced a series of budget oriented TWS indeed they are really performing well in terms of quality as well in the other segment.

Oppo really knows the technique to master the quality. Especially when it comes to budget segment.

Now we have the latest series called the Enco W51. One thing its really impressive is that at under 5k Rupees is the Active Noise Cancellation feature, which is pretty uncommon.

Premium earphones which price above 10000 Rs like Sennheiser Momentum, Sony Earphones, or the Apple Airpods Pro this are some which offers this kind of feature.

But the question is that

Will the Oppo Enco W51 ANC will really works?

I think this might be a big doubts, because at under 5000 Rs there not so much of expectations.

Stick with it, and lets find out in this review did it really works or not?

First thing first lets have a look :

Well, we will cover every features it offers and everything in this detailed review.

What we got in the Box?

Nothing much inside the box except the Earphones, Type-c Charger, Other Cable, User Manual and the Extra Ear-Tips.

Oppo Enco W51 Review:Design & Build Quality:

First and foremost, lets have a look a look at the design, quality and feature of the Oppo Enco W51 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone.

If you seen an Oppo Enco W31 both has quite similar design in terms of the earbuds but not the case. The W31 has a rounded shape case while the W51 has square curve edges shape.

Now the bottom or other the side we have the usb type-c port. So that’s all you can see and the flip mechanism is quite sturdy and strong it won’t flip out.

That’s a pretty good thing along with a glossy finishing with the Oppo branding. Opening up you can see the earphones along power button or other pairing button.

Then you have the LED indicator and the TWS and you can see that the groove for the TWS. Below there the earphones there’s a charging ports.

Coming to the quality of the case, it feel a little bit lowering in quality but as per the price it’s good.

The Earbuds:

The quality of earbuds are quite good in terms of built. Indeed the ear-tips are really nice and soft. Because of that it will add comfortability to it.

But yes at first glance it has a resemblance of an Apple Airpods Pro. At the stem of the earphones the charging port as well as the the branding are mention.

This Oppo Enco W51 has also feature call a Wear Detection and the sensor are located at the of the buds.

So, the wear detection means that as soon as removing the earphones it will automatically stop the music. And putting back in the ear it will automatically turn on the music.

But one thing is that, if you remove both the ear phones even if you put back in your ear it won’t play the music automatically.

To get more enhance the Active Noise Cancellation and good call quality it comes with 6 inbuilt microphone. Which means both the earphones has 3 microphone each.

IP54 Rating:

Lastly, it also have an IP54 rating upto some point it can withstand the wet conditions. What I mean is that there won’t be any for a splash of water or dust.

Comfort & Fit:

In terms of comfort and fit its really provide an satisfying comfort level. In fact it does have similarities with the Enco W31.

Even if wearing for a long period of time. It does not have any sort of fatigue in ears. So it’s quite good in terms of the finishing as well as the comfort levels.

The lightweight as well as fits into the ear pretty neatly. That’s something which is quite good and it provides a good sea also. Because of that it help in reducing the outside noise.

Even if using at the Gym, Running or Work-Out there won’t be much issue. It’s stay perfectly and neatly in ear canal.


In terms of connectivity and range both are working there’s nothing to complain. What I mean i that it does it’s job perfectly. For connectivity it use the Bluetooth version 5.0 and with a range of 10 M.

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In indoor it can easily have a good range upto 12 M which is mostly common in TWS.

Well, even using at Gym, Running or in while riding in bike or car, there won’t be any connectivity issue indeed it really provide a strong connectivity.


A series of operations, such as quick pairing to your phone, stopping the connection, skipping songs, picking up and ending calls, and summoning the voice assistant can all be done by tapping your headphones. You can also customize tap control shortcuts for more personalized experience.

*Customizing tap control is supported by OPPO smartphones running ColorOS version 7.0 or higher. (Some models will support this function when new versions are released.)

Tap left earphone twice:
Noise Reduction Switch

Tap right earphone twice:
Next Song

Tap three times on either earphone:
Wakes the Voice Assistant

Battery Performance:

Coming to the battery as compare to the Oppo Enco W31 there’s a bit of improvement, but that’s not much.

The W31 has an in-built chargin case of 350mAh and on the other hand Enco W51 has 450mAh of battery, along with a 25mAh on the headphones.

With that being said, the company claim that with a single charge with ANC on it can last upto 3.5h / 20h (charging case). In case if you turn off ANC it can last 4h / 24h (charging case).

But that’s not the case in real life. In fact it can last upto 2:30 to 2:50 (Approx) Hours with an ANC. On the other hand if you turn of ANC it can last upto 3:30 (Approx) Hours. However, in terms of the case it can juice up the headphones upto 3x or 4x that’s depending upon the usage.

The W51 use a Type-C port for charging and that’s really amazing. However, if using a Type-C charger it can take upto 80 minutes. While using a wireless Charger it can take upto 2.5 Hours.

However, only thing need to improve is the life of battery other than that everything is fine.

Mic/Call Quality:

In terms of call quality it is really good at this price point of TWS you can’t get any better than this.

Regarding the clarity of voice it does provide a high voice clarity. Even using at outdoor ANC does justice to it. What I mean by that it still give the quality of voice that provides in the indoor.

But using at high traffic it won’t cancel that outside noise.

Additionally, there won’t be any problem if you use for recording audio at the quiet place.


As comparing to others in this price segment it really perform well in the latency. Well in any TWS we won’t get that perfect Latency but as comparing with the price and the competitors this W51 has really stand out.

Indeed, it can even use in Gaming without much sacrificing to it. Yet even the Oppo Enco w31 has the same kind of latency.

Aditionally while watchig videos or movies even YouTube there won’t be a lag issue. Because of that you can enjoy watching any type of videos.

Oppo Enco W51 Review:Sound Quality:

In the previous version w31 has an issue of loudness while listening music. But in w51 the issue is fix and it get more enhance while listening a music.

Getting started with clarity of music it does produce a good clear and voice of a singer.

But the balancing is perfect upto 60 to 70 percent of volume. In fact if its go beyond this there is a slight of mis balance. This might be because of its small size driver(7mm). To sum up the overall balancing is decent.

As compare with the other budget segment headphones this Oppo Enco M51 also has a secular performance. This makes a good call for casual listening because of the warm tone as well as the pleasant sound.

The treble need a little bit improvement. The output is not much refined when comparing to other 5K headphones. But by playing along with customization it can bit manage.

The audio details in bass is a bit lack and boomy. Because of that it use to mid up with other frequencies and create a slight unrefined listening experience.

If you are a person who use to listen a complex track which have alot of background music playing simultaneously. Then this might not fulfill your needs.

Unfortunately the dual sound features which is available in Oppo Enco W31 is not available in W51.


Product colorsFloral White / Starry Blue
Model (charging case)ETI22
Driver7mm dynamic driver
Driver sensitivity103dB @1KHz
Frequency response range20Hz ~ 20kHz
Microphone sensitivity-38 dBV/Pa
Bluetooth versionBT 5.0
Wireless range10 m
Battery typeRechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity25 mAh (headphones) /
480 mAh (charging case)
Music play time (50% volume)ANC on: 3.5h (single charge) / 20h (with charging case)
ANC off:4h (single charge) / 24h (with charging case)
Wired Charging time80min (with charging case)
Wireless charging time2.5h (with charging case)
Charging portUSB Type-C
Dust and water resistance (headphones)IP54
Weight (Entire device)55.5g

Oppo Enco W51 Review: Should You Buy?

Last but no the least, Should you buy Oppo Enco W51 Wireless Earphones or Not?

To be honest, Why not. Because this Bluetooth Wireless Earphones really gives an enjoyable music. Even in terms of call quality it can give you a satisfying output.

But no product is perfect, what I mean is that the battery segment it really needs a development. Indeed if your main concern is not the battery. Instead your main focus is on quality you should definitely give a shot.

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