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OnePlus Buds Review vs Oppo Enco W51-The Ultimate Comparison


OnePlus Buds vs Oppo Enco W51

Oppo recently add other products into their list called Enco W51. Which has the guts may be not we will find out later to the rival OnePlus Buds.

When there’s product which is similar to another, at that it create a lot of confusion to the consumer. I still get confuse when ever I face this type of situation.

But no worry, in this write-up we will review Oneplus Buds vs Oppo Enco W51. So, that you can have a clear mind before you hit the Buy Now button.

Let’s get started.


OnePlus Buds in India is available in White, Brown, and Nord Blue for a price of ₹ 4,990. The cost of Enco W51, on the other hand, is ₹ 4,999 and it is available in Floral White and Starry Blue.

OnePlus Buds Review vs Oppo Enco W51:The Design:

The Case:

In the case of OnePlus, the consistency is better and better. And the construction is also solid. It has a matte finish to give more luxurious look. A LED indicator and a charging port are also provided outside of this case. The small round case makes opening and carrying simple.

The size and square form of the Enco on the other hand are larger. Well, compared to OnePlus, the build quality is not that good. It’s also a little heavy, with just one hand it can’t open quickly. There is a charging outside the case and a wireless charging feature is connected to the base.

The Buds:

The two buds also looked fantastic, but the OnePlus Buds looked like clones of Apple AirPods. It’s more or heavier than Oppo, even in case of weight and heaviness.

On the other hand Enco W51 has lighter weight and small size. Also give a better and attractive look to it. Who prefer a smaller buds size will definitely fall in love with this.

However, the Buds certainly have greater durability when the durability is at stake. This is not to say that the Oppo Enco W51 has no durability, it have, but rather a little bit stuffy compared with this.

The Extra Features:

In onePlus there is a dual mode function in which two devices can be connected or switched between. On the other hand, Enco W51 does not have this type of feature. However, an ANC called Active Noise Cancellation is also available, but this is not available at OnePlus.

The OnePlus has far more accuracy and faster in terms of wear detection than it does.

In other devices you can not customise the gesture nor can not control the volume. But talking about the control responsiveness is better in OnePlus Buds than W51.

OnePlus Buds Review vs Oppo Enco W51:Comfort & Fit:

The W51 is more relaxed and suits snugly. More people would like the eartips of the buds because of their silicon tips for some reason. In OnePlus Buds, however, this is not available. After all, this can differ from person to person. That’s because the like and dislike may be differ. In general the W51 has a better fit.

The Connectivity:

Both worked well with respect to connectivity. But it’s not nice in terms of ranges for Non OnePlus devices. Either indoors or outdoors does provide a well-connected and secure connexion.

Both are AAC / SBC codec-enabled with version 5.0 of Bluetooth. Your phone must be enabled by this codec to achieve the perfect balance.

It could otherwise hamper you experience somewhat. The wireless earphones can be used in mono.

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In other words, you can attend to calls or listen to music with only a single earbud.

Actually the Oppo is better than OnePlus if we look at general use.

OnePlus Buds Review vs Enco W51: Call & Mic Quality:

In general the call quality in W51 is usually much better than OnePlus Buds even outside or inside. The W51 also has an ANC function call. Due to this, it reduces the outside noise to a minimal level when attending a call outside. That’s helping to make it more good.

On the other hand OnePlus Buds, if you go inside, it’s also sweet. But with the absence of noise cancellation, the outdoor noise is not controlled. And it catches the outdoor sound which can a bad experience.

OnePlus Buds Review vs Enco W51: Battery Performance:

OnePlus Buds, capacity of the battery is better and longer. Both of them use Type-C for charging. Yet W51 has the capacity to charge wirelessly. In reality, both have 450mAh in the case. On the other hand, the Buds wireless eaphone have 35mAh and w51 has 25mAh.

The OnePlus Buds will last up to 6 and 20 minutes with a single charge. However, 4 or 5 times can be charged using the case. It may take 1 hour and 20 minutes to get fully charged.

On the other hand Oppo can upto 2 Hours 50 minutes with ANC on and with ANC turn off it can last upto 3 Hours. The case can charge upto 3 or 4 times. To get fully charge it can upto 80 minutes with Type C. But with wireless charging it can take upto 2 Hours and 50 minutes.

The Latency:

In a general device, the W51 has a better balance when playing games with a small latency than the OnePlus Buds. But with a OnePlus device, if your game priority is to be taken place, you can opt to OnePlus Buds.

Both of them can give a good experienced whipe watching online video. Meaning both has the capacity to control the lag to a minimum, and without delay in voicing.

OnePlus Buds Review vs Oppo Enco W51: Sound Quality:

The OnePlus Buds sound is very well balanced and even middle, high and low. The bass is not so punchy, however, and it would be disappointing if you’re a bass fan. As for loudness, even at 100% volume it isn’t that loud. The lack of silicon makes music experience a little challenging.

When it comes to the Mids, Highs, Lows, the Oppo Enco W51 is just an awesome one. The Enco W51 is stronger and more punchy compared to the OnePlus. It has an ANC in order to strengthen the listening experience. As a consequence, it reduces outward entry

The Specifications:

ParticularsOnePlus Buds SpecificationsOppo Enco W51 Specifications
Frequency Range20 Hz-20 KHz20Hz~20kHz
Deep BassYesYes
Dual EQYesYes
Built In-MicrophoneYesYes
Siri/Google NowYesYes
Flat CableNoNo
Driver Size13.2 mm7.2mm
Sensitivity97 dB ± 3dB @ 1 KHz102±3dB
Impedence(ohms)Not Available32
Battery TypeLithium PolymerLithium Ion Polymer
Bluetooth Version5.05.0
Battery Capacity420mAh/35?mAh3.7 V/ 120mAh
Charging Time80 Minutes2 Hours
Speed Charging Time1010 Min
Charger TypeType-CMicro USB

Oppo Enco W51 vs OnePlus Buds Review: Which One Should You Buy:

Which one should you buy?

In fact, it depends on what purpose and what device you own?

So, if you a device that’s is non OnePlus that you should go for Oppo Enco W51 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones.

Because, it can give you an the best and overall performance and experience. The call quality is just awesome not only this the ANC feature makes it perfect for the one who loves to make a call a lot.

The music experience are also good. No compromise on it. But the drawbacks is that the battery which is the life span is low.

On the other hand if you own a OnePlus you should opt for the Buds. Because it can give you a better experience and a better music experience and good battery life.

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