Go Noise Tune Elite Review

Go Noise Tune Elite is the stylish, neckband Bluetooth earphone with premium end and materials. Neckband style headphones allow the band to sit comfortably around your neck with no pulling or tugging on your earbuds.

With permanent magnet earbuds and a cushty in-ear design, this could be the best neckband headphone available.

The price of this product is ₹ 1,500 in India.

So, to make you more clear what is really Tune Elite is, we will dig out deep about it. There are a lot of review on Noise Tune Elite.

But I wanted to share about you my thoughts on this wireless bluetooth earphones.

What’s In The Box?

  • Noise Tune Elite Earphones
  • Charging Cable
  • 2x Extra Earbuds
  • User Manual

Features Of Go Noise Tune Elite Neckband:

Stylish & Comfortable Neckband:

This wireless bluetooth headphone features a comfortable fit around the neck along with a fashionable looks.

It means that there is a less chance of pulling or falling earbud from the ears.

Magnetic Earbuds:

Because of its magnetic buds it is safe and secure. After listening music, you can snap the earbuds to each other magnetically. This is more safe and stylish.

Full Remote Control:

It also features a full remote control. Which means that you do not need to take out your phone from your pocket yo manage thing like, play, pause, skip tracks, control volume and even answer or reject calls.

Voice Assistant Support:

With just double tap on multifunction button you can active Siri or Google Now to do things done for you.

Ultra-Long Battery Life:

With a single charge it can be use over 10 hours of playback. It can last for many hours on using or it can last for many days with stand by mode.(We will know more later on about the battery)

Universal Compatibility:

Because of Bluetooth v5.0, this Go Noise Tune Elite is compatible with almost all smartphones on the market today.

Or even you can also use it with any computer or TV that supports Bluetooth headphones.

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Specifications or Specs of Go Noise Tune Elite Bluetooth Wireless Neckband:

With Mic Yes
Magnetic Earbuds Inline Remote
IPX5 Water Resistant Yes
Battery Life10 Hours
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Standby65 Hours
Wireless Range10 M
Connectivity Bluetooth
Charging Time3.5 Hours
Battery Life 10 Hours
Play Time9 Hour
Battery Capacity130mAh
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Sweatproof Yes
Foldable No
With MicrophoneYes
Deep BassYes
Water ResistantYes
Weight0.27 G
Dimension(WxHxD) 130x210x30 mm
Sensitivity-80 dBmW
Impedance (ohm)32
Maximum Power Input5 W
Frequency Power Response50 Hz
Noise Reduction90 dB


  • Domestic Warranty: 1 Year
  • Warranty Summary: 1 Year From The Date Of Purchase.
  • Covered in Warranty: It Is Cover Only Manufacturing Defects Including Accessories.
  • Not Covered in Warranty: Any Physical Damages.

If you have any issue regarding the products and wanted to claim the warranty you can contact the following:

  • E-mail:
  • Support:
  • Contact: +91 8882132132

Go Noise Tune Elite Review:



It come up with a pack of 130 mAh battery. As per the company promise it can last upto 9 hours of Play Time.

But in reality it is not it is different from it. However, with a single full charge it can last upto 7.5 to 8.5 Hours approximately.

The playback or play time is really depend at how much volume you are listening. However, the battery quality is a decent one in this price range.

Now it come the patience part, because it consume a lot of time while charging from 0 to 100%.

Now a days every device support fast charging mode. This Noise Tune Elite lack fast charging. And you have to wait at least 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Design & Build Quality:

In compare to others this headset also has a simple design. The tangle tips make it correctly fit in the ears.

So, there is a less chance of falling out from the ears while in jogging, running or walking. Also in connection with the neckband and earbuds a small wire is there.

At the back there is a Noise Branding plus magnetic, which can be use for snapping while not in operation.

Along with a smooth finish it is flexible and lightweight. On the left side under the flap it have a USB port charging button.

And in the right side features a branding of noise. At the bottom it offers a rubberized finished.

The particular left part also offers all the changes that includes a power/multi-function button in the center and the quantity adjustment buttons on either sides.

You may also use the power button to play or pause and answer or decrease a call. Within the same way, the volume changes can be used to switch to previous or next tracks.

It also have a a LED indicators which are in Blue and Red. Which indicates the connection. However, at side of its lie a microphone.

Within it lies a 130 mAh battery. Because, of IPX5 it can withstand any watery conditions. But it can be submerged into the water.

Regarding the quality is quite tough and it can last long as wells. But one thing is that it also depends on how you utilise them.

Comfort & Fit:

There is no doubt about the comfort and fit of this Noise TuneELITE. To say it is the perfect, it would be a mistake. But, it is fine and have good fit.

However, this might be because of its lightweight design. On the other hand, it does not bounce during jogging or walking which make more great.

Inspite of the mention above, one thing you will notice a little disadvantages in the earbuds.

They can make your ear hurts even if wearing for a long time. That is because of its rough and tough of the buds.

However, this cannot be the main concern it can be replace by buying from the third party earbuds seller.

Nevertheless, this is one of the very well made Bluetooth earphone.

Audio Quality:

Audio Quality can be consider as one of the most important factor before buying any to earphones or headphones.

Go Noise has consistently focus on high quality audio. Likewise in this version the quality is really impressive.

Typically tha output audio is really loud even for the those who are using earphones for may get irritate.

But for those who are used to listen at high volume this could be the perfect match for you. Because of its 14 mm it can deliver the type of bass amount you want.

Not only that regarding the treble it very well balance. There is no complain regarding the audio quality.

So, when it come volume, one thing we should not miss is “distortion”. I think this is very important, because if the audio is distorted it become useless while playing or listening music at high volume.

However, this Noise Tune Elite has a low price, it does have, but not that too much even listening at high volume.

Now, the noise cancellation part, and Yes it perform how it is to be while making calls. While in a low sound environment it does the job.

But when in noisy environment your voice may not to be clear. Because of its tiny microphone this could be found in any type of headphones.

However, this is the common problem of any type of headphones. And one thing i don’t like is it need to be st everytime when you when you connect to it.


Regarding the connectivity of the Noise TuneElite is offering a Bluetooth 5.0 version. As in comparison to the price I think it is fair and good.

Even though there is availability of aptX the connection is really strong and there is no doubt about it. It can connect with any type of Bluetooth Support Devices, Android, iOS or MP3’s which support Bluetooth.

However, this does not have a multi-point support, because of this you could not connect two devices at the same time.

However, it is claim that within 10 M radius there will not be any interruption in the connection. Like they claim it really perform well.

Beyond that there is a chance of interrupting. If there is a support of aptX the connection should be more strong and should be more stable.

I didn’t mean the connection is not stable, it is stable and works very well.

How To Do Pairing or Connect?

Firstly, you need to hold the power button for few seconds to get through the pairing mode.

Secondly, In this step you have to select the TuneElite to pair to the headphones.

After this you will get a voice feedback, or when it is successfully connect.

So, when it is in pairing there will be LED light blinks red and blue. And after completion the blue LED will glows.

Noise Tune Elite Pros & Cons:


1. It produce good output sound quality.

2. Easy to use interface.

3. It produce Punchy Bass.

4. The vocals and instrument sound output is clear.

5. The Earphones is loud and clear.

6. No chance of slipping out from the ears whipe jogging or running.

7. Good battery quality and backup.

8. Lightweight wireless neckband.


1. Delay in turning on.

2. No control over playback by magnetic buds.

3. Even thought it is said, tangle free, but in reality it can tangle up easy.

4. No support of aptX.

5. Take too much time to fully charge.


Even thought this Noise TuneElite miss some features. But in this price range of Rs 1,500 it has a value on it.

Especially if you are a punchy bass lover, you should own this one. However, the lightweight design, good audio experience and good battery makes it affordable.

You can buy in the following leading market place in India like:

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