Mulo Wonderloop 500 Review: Is It Really Good?

This Bluetooth Headphones from the house of Mulo can be stunned you by the performance. Mulo Wonderloop 500 can give you an unexpected performance even though it is new in the market.

If you want to experience a new level of listening music or something else, you should give a try on this.

However, MuLo is a new company which is base from Kolkata.

Now, a days there are lot of variety of wireless headsets are available in the market. Sometimes it is difficult for us to choose from which brand.

So, if you are in confusion mode wether to buy Mulo Wonderloop 500 or not. By reading the review you can decide whether its worth buying or not.

Wonderloop 500₹1399BUY NOW
In The Box:

1. Bluetooth Neckband

2. Extra Earbuds

3. USB Charging Cable

4. User Manual

Detailed Specifications Of Mulo Wonderloop 500:

110mm speaker driver
Deep Bass Sound
2Bluetooth 5.0 version
4X connectivity speed with low Power consumption
3CSR QCC3003 chipset
Clear call quality with 10m range
4130 mAh Li-ion battery
Music playtime of 12 hours at 50% volume and 9 hours at 100% volume with 2 hours charging time
5IPX 7.0 version
Sweat proof and Water resistant
6Voice Assistant Technology
Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant
7In-built motor mechanism
Call Vibration Alert
Features Of Mulo Wonderloop 500:
  • Deep Bass Sound
  • Easy Pairing
  • Call Vibration Alert
  • Talk the Walk
  • Long Lasting Battery
mulo wonderloop 500 review

Mulo Wonderloop 500 Review: Battery Performance:

According to the assembling organization guarantee that the battery life is around 9 hours, by playing a music volume at 80%.

However, after full charging and tested we come into a conclusion that, this Wonderloop 500 has a decent life expectancy of battery.

By playing continuosly at a volume 70% to 80% it can last upto 7. By, bringing down a volume rates it implies it can last more than this.

To charge this headphone you will be required smaller scale USB port, however instead Micro USB Type-C port is utilized it would be acceptable.

Mulo Wonderloop 500 Earphones Review: Sound Quality:

Sound Quality is one of the fundamental significant highlights when it come to the bluetooth earphones.

In any case, this Mulo Wonderloop 500 accompany a 10 mm driver including Deep Bass Sound.

As I notice as of now in the highlights it likewise bolsters Bluetooth 5.0, in addition to scope of remote is 10 meters.

This Wonderloop 500 conveys a profound and substantial punch bass. Due to that it is a great idea to listen any kind of class melody.

The Advance Audio Coding make it progressively advance while dealing with it. Infact if your cell phone bolster you can even turn on or off.

While playing music at a high volume there is no bending by any stretch of the imagination. I figure the bass lovers will appreciate listening music in view of its bassy music.

Moving on the call quality, the calling quality is much good and clear. As compare to other earphones this Mulo Wonderloop 500 has the same.

One thing I like about this is the vibration alert mode. Because, wether if you plugin or not it can detect the incoming calls. This might be the great addition by Mulo.

But, before turning on you have to set the vibration alert mode to your desire, otherwise it can be too much vibration.

How To Do Pairing?

Mulo Wonderloop 500 Wireless Neckband Earphone with Deep Bass Sound, IPX7 and Vibration Alert can connect to your devices with ease. It made possible by the features like Bluetooth 5.0 or CSR QCC3003.

If you are facing pairing problem you can follow the step: Firstly, What you need to do is, you have to long press the Power Button to go through the pairing mode.

However, for the first time if your are done, you dont need to do the same again, it can easily connect the next time.

The in-line control make it more simple to control, wether to answer call or reject call, or up or down volume, to go to previous track or nect track.

Below Are Some Control User Manual:

  1. Pairing Mode: Press The Power Button Till The LED Blinks.
  2. By Short Pressing Power Button You Can Answer or End Call, or You Can Play, Pause Music.
  3. If You Want To Reject Calls You Need To Long Press The Power Button.
  4. By Short Pressing Volume Up You Can Increase The Volume or By Short Pressing The Volume Down Button You Can Decrease The Volume.
  5. By Long Pressing ‘+’ Button You Can Next The Track or By Long Pressing ‘-‘ Button You Can Go Back To Previous Track.
  6. If You Want To Use Voice Assistant Like Siri Or Google You Need To Press ‘+’ or ‘-‘ Button At The Same Time.

Design And Quality:

As in comparison to other brands like Mi Neckband, Boat Rockerz 255 there is not much extra design.

Incase of minimalistic design there are quite similar in design. However, materials of the neckband and the buds are made out of plastic.

Because, of the plastic material it has a good grip and a solid built quality. That is why there is a less chance of falling out while wearing and it can fit perfectly and comfortable.

Like other products the earbuds also features a magnatic snap to each others. But, the magnatic snap does not features autoplay or pause while seperating from each other.

If this also include this Mulo Wonderloop 500 has a high chance of standing out. It does not mean that the overall performance is not good, instead i mean only the snap.

Wonderloop 500₹1399BUY NOW
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