Mi Neckband vs Boat Rockerz 255 Details Comparison

Mi Neckband Vs boAt Rockerz 255

Don’t know which one to buy? Between boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound and Hands Free Mic and Mi In The Ear Neckband Bluetooth Headset With Mic. Here, we have done full comparision of Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Vs boAt Rockerz 255 Wireless Earphones. So, that you can have a clear mind before buying.

Key Specifications of Mi Neckband vs Boat Rockerz 255 –

Bluetooth Version5.04.1
Wireless Range10 M10 M
Charging Time2 Hours2.5 Hours
Battery Life8 Hours6 Hours
BassDynamic BassExtra Bass
Sweat ProofNoYes, With
DesignStylish Collar DesignStylish Collar Design
Voice ControlYesYes
Headphone TypeIn The EarIn The Ear
Inline RemoteYesYes
Sweat ProofNoNo
Deep BassNoYes
Water ResistantYesYes


ParticularMi Boat
Warranty Summary6 Months1 Year
Covered in WarrantyManufacturing DefectsManufacturing Defects
Not Covered in WarrantyPhysical DamagesPhysical Damages


You can check the latest (lowest) price:

The boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound and Hands Free Mic can fluctuate time to time. Which means sometimes it can cost ₹ 1, 500 and sometimes it can cost around ₹ 1,200. However you can check the latest by visiting Amazon.

On the other hand Mi In The Ear Neckband Bluetooth Headset With Mic is much more on the costlier side it cost around ₹ 1,700. In fact you can check the latest price on Flipkart.

Design, Build & Feature-

Let’s begin with the design and quality of both the earphones. Typically both the earphones are design to use as Sport Bluetooth Earphones. In fact both have that capacity to use.

Both the earphones are neckband style and with a magnetic on the back of its earphones. However there is no option for controlling like Play or Pause. It can only be use as snapping each other.

In terms of flexibility both the earphones doesn’t provide much flexibility. In fact they do have a decent build and quality. However the Boat Rockerz 255 seems much good in quality. It doesn’t mean the Mi Neckband Earphones is bad but only a slight a different.

There won’t be no worries if there’s a sprinkle of water or sweat on both Earphone. The reason is that they do provide the feature call IPX Ratings. Which means while using on the Gym you should not worry about wet.

Both the earphones has a connectivity range for about 10 metres. The Mi Neckband has a new version of Bluetooth which is 5.0 while the 255 Rockerz has only 4.1 Bluetooth version.

Comfort & Fit-

Coming to the comfort and fit, this usually depends on person and can vary from person to person. However both the earphones hasn’t much super comfortable or fit but they do provide a decent one. In fact in term of fit both provide an in-ear type and typically they do perfectly fit on the ear. However in terms of comfort after trying out the earphones you can decide on it.

Battery Performance-

There is a slight difference on the capacity or the performance on both the earphones. The Mi Neckband has the capacity to last upto 8 hours with a single charge. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge if the battery is 0 percentage.

On the other hand 255 Rockerz has 6 hours of battery life with a single full charge and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge. Depending upon the usage the battery life can be different.

Call or Mic Quality-

The call or the mic quality on the earphones pretty decent which means they do offer a good call quality even if there’s no any background noises. Bit when it comes to noisy environment because of the absence of noise cancelling feature the background noise use to interrupt the call.

Mi Neckband Earphones vs Boat Rockerz 255 Sound Quality-

Now the most important factors between Mi Neckband Earphone ans Boat Rockerz 255 the quality of sound. This should be the most important because without knowing this there is no point of buying an earphones.

So, the Mi Neckband offers a Dynamic Bass while the Boat Rockerz offers an Extra Bass. But there’s really a different between this two, in short in terms of bass performance the 255 offers a good sound quality on bass.

Even in the Highs and Mids the 255 is better than the Mi Neckband. The voice are also clear in the 255 earphones. Both have the distortion on higher volume, however this is common in any low price earphones.

But the 255 has a good sounding one because it give less irritation on the ears as compare to the Mi.

Which One Should You Buy?

So, which one should you buy. As it can be seen clearly that the Boat Rockerz 255 has a better quality in sound not only in sound but as well as in other segment compare to Mi Neckband Earphones.

If you’re confused or don’t know which one to buy you can go for Boat Rockerz 255.

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