Lava ProBuds N3 The Ultimate Review


Lava had recently launched their new earphones call the Lava ProBuds N3. However like other the question remain still the What’s in terms of performance and the quality.

I have using the earphones for a about a month now. So, I’ll talk about the good or the bad thing about the the earphones.

As we all know Lava is not that successful brand in terms of Smartphone, in fact they still trying to come back into matket.

The Build Quality & Design

Starting with the design, its pretty decent and there’s no doubt about that. The build quality of the buds looks cheap and there’s no any premiumness, this may be because of the pricing.

The buds has a magnetic features on the earphones which can be attached together. However there’s no any features like turn on or off. On the other hand, the wire or band aren’t flexible and not that much comfy while wearing them on the neck.

On the right side of the buds it has a control button like volume up and down and a power button on the middle. The left side has nothing except the branding. Onething I also notice is that the control button are a bit bulky and hard when tipping.

Near the + button it has an LED which indicate the power wether it’s on or off. When using in the dark or at night the flash is too harsh/too bright which makes me sad and makes me irritating.


Comfort is also one of the main thing, because if there’s no comfort there’s no point of investing on it.

I try all the eartips which come in the box, but none of them makes me feel comfortable. At the beginning there’s no any discomfort or pain in the ear, however wearing for a long time like for 30 minutes it’s start irritating or pain in the ear. That’s make me a bit disappointing.

Call Quality During Call

There is no any features like Environmental Noise Cancellation or anything like that. May be because of the price I don’t blame on that. The earphones has really a harsh sound when putting on full volume and really irritate me. There’s always need to keep the volume at the mid level.

So, in terms call quality it’s really decent and fine when there’s no any background noise or any other noise. It’s totally fine. But when there’s a sound on the background the other person might not be able to hear your voice clearly.

Battery Quality

As per the company advertisement its say it can give upto 9 hours with a single full charge. But in the case of mine this is a little bit different. With a single full charge I can barely use upto 8 hours maximum. Whether this is the problem with only mine or with the other products as well.

On the other hand, it might take about 1 hour and 25 minutes, thi is in the case of when the earbuds battery is totally dry or use.

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The latency of the Lava Probuds N3 isn’t good at all. One thing I notice is that when I try with BGMI/PUBG Mobile at first there’s no amy issue with the latency was really great.

But the thing is that after 5 days there’s is a lot of lag and it has a lot of high latency. So, in terms of Latency this earbuds isn’t good for gaming.

The Sound Quality

Now coming to the sound quality of Lava Probuds N3, in short for me I didn’t like it, the way the sound it come out from the earphone.

To make it more clear let’s divide the quality in three different parts the highs, the mids and the low.

Starting with the highs it really irritate the ear when playing at high volume. It has a harsh sound as well as the vocals and instrument are on the harsh. But by keeping the volume at fifty percent the sound of the music is low and harsh music also low but there’s no any feeling better.

The mids is where the vocals one thing is sure that it has a clear vocal output. But like the highs here also it some times it irritate the ear when listening for a long time. However it goods listening for low music meaning for Country Music as well as Podcast etc.

The lows for me the lows is absolutely absent, its there but not that much. For that you need to choose a music which has high bass. But like I said you have to listening at low volume.

Indeed there’s also an absent of soundstage and it feels the sound are coming from all the direction.

Should You Buy The Lava ProBuds N3

So, the question lies Should I Buy The Lava ProBuds N3?

One thing I notice is that there’s no any Warranty Card on the box. This is really a disappointment, because when we buy any product we need an insurance for that product.

So, for me I don’t see any point of investing on this product, but if you wanna try you can go for it. Don’t think that this will give a quality like Rs. 1500 Bluetooth Earphones. No not at all.

From my personal I would say instead of buying this you should invest on the wired earphones which fall below under Rs. 1000. The reason is that this will give more value and more benefit.


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