JBL Flip 3 Review- Best Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

Just before coming up this JBL Flip 3 typically in the market. There were a couple of older version of JBL Flip doing really fantastic regarding their performance.

On the other hand, the Flip 2 even though a little better, inside comparision to the very first version.

There is scarcely featured any changes regarding the look. Now we have got a third version in the series to review.

This specific one appears to be quite an upgrade, regarding both the design in addition to features.

However, this JBL Flip 3 looks more desirable regarding features plus the two bass radiators. Even both side design make the looks more complete and amazing.

It’s come with just under Rs. 7, 000. This may be best predecessor since in comparison for the more mature series.

The price of JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is Rs. 5,999. (Note: The price given may fluctuate, because of frequent changes Sales and Deals.)

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What’s In The Box?

  • JBL Flip 3 × 1
  • Micro USB Charging Cable × 1
  • Quick Start Guide × 1
  • Safety Sheet × 1
  • Warranty Card

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Features of JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

jbl flip 3 review
  1. Wireless Bluetooth Streaming: Surprisingly you can connect upto three smartphones or tablets with the speakers. Because of that the output sound produce the room filling sterio sound.
  2. 3,000mAh Rechargeable Battery: The rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery, that can play upto 10 Hours.
  3. Speakerphone: Because of the noise and echo cancelling you can make a clear crystal voice calling. However, it can even operate with a single touch.
  4. Splashproof: This is one of the amazing features because of this you do not need to worry about rain or spills. You can even clean with a running water. However, you need to remember one thing is that do not submerge the speaker.
  5. JBL Connect: To amplify the listening experience you can even connect to a multiple speakers through this features JBL Connect.
  6. Material: The durable fabric material and rugged rubber makes you no worry, because of the material you can carry in any adventurous action.
  7. Voice Assistant Integration: With a single easy access you can even access to Siri or Google Assistant.
  8. Bass Radiator: If you are a bass lover ypu are going to love this, because it can you a tremendous bass output. The dual external passive radiator makes it accomplish the deep bass.

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Specifications (Specs) of JBL Flip 3:

General Specifications:

  • Output power (W)2 x 8
  • Music playing time (hrs)10

Audio Specifications:

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Less than 80dB
  • Frequency Response: 85Hz – 20kHz
  • Output power: 2 x 8W

Speaker Specifications:

  • Transducer: 2 x 40mm


  • Weight (kgs): 0.45
  • Dimensions (cm): 6.4 x 16.9 x 6.4
  • Dimensions (in): 2.5 x 6.7 x 2.5
  • Weight (lbs): 0.99

Control and Connection Specifications:

  • Bluetooth version4.1


  • Battery capacity (mAh): 3,000
  • Charging time (hrs): 3.5


  • Splashproof: Yes
  • JBL Connect: Yes
  • Speakerphone: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • 3.5 mm audio cable Input: Yes
  • Auto-power off: Yes

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JBL Flip 3 Review:

From The Manufacturer:

JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers the next generation wireless speaker in the award-winning Flip series.

It is a comprehensive portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers surprisingly powerful, room-filling stereo sound everywhere.

This ultra-compact speaker is powered by a 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers up to 10 hours of continuous playtime.

Sporting a durable, splashproof fabric and available in vibrant colors, Flip 3 is the all-purpose, all-weather companion that integrates music into every aspect of your life – from tabletop to poolside, from sunny mornings to rainy nights.

Flip 3 also features a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear conference calls.

JBL Connect technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience.

JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker Review:


As per the company indicates that this product has accompany a Li-ion Rechargeable Battery with a 3000 mAh.

That could fill up with just 3.5 hours of charging. On the other hand, that could last for 10 hours of playing music or heavy usage.

So, there is no much difference between the battery performance claim by the company while we are getting during investigate from an actual user.

However, the battery really depends on at level volume of your playing music or something. Because, if you play at low level that it can last for more than 10 Hours, and the same games goes to mid range.

But, if you continuously play at high volume it may not stand upto 10 Hours of play time.

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Typically this speaker comes with Bluetooth 4. 1, in which you can enjoy a endless music while streaming.

It also have a feature of stereo characteristic like other bluetooth speakers. The single touch button can hook you up to a couple of JBL Flip 3 or more to utilise the stereo presenter.

This characteristics is referred to as the JBL Connect. On the other hand, JBL offers you the possibility to handle both audio speakers along with the aid of the software on the smartphone.

The software movements by the same company, JBL Connect. There are different modes in addition to a lot of additional features to check out there in the app.

No, doubts about the connectivity you can connect to it with any type of devices in an easy way or without problem.

Design & Build:

This time JBL come up with some noticeable changes when compare to the previous models.

Yet, it is a little bit bigger and heavy in compare to older version. This might be because of the bass radiators on both the side of the speaker.

By just looking at it you can notice the solid build and stylish design. However, in this version of speaker you can choose the type of colours you want to own.

As it can be seen that there has been a lot changes regarding the design. Like the grill at the bottom which is made out of metal. The splash proof fabric coating on top of it, makes it more look good.

Not only that it can allows us to use in the outdoors even in the harsh condition. One of the advantages is that you can even wash with the water. But, however there is no recommendation of submerging on the water.

Because this can lead the speaker to damages. This speaker provide you an strap that make it easy to carry around.

But which it is not included along with the product. It can said that this JBL Flip 3 can be an extreme outdoor speaker.

For example, I notice prior the specific perceptible changes, JBL experienced paid a detail intrigue while making up.

An individual can essentially see the alterations by observing the Wireless bluetooth button, call catches in addition to the volume keys which for the most part are connected near the grill flame broil.

The five LED switch demonstrates the battery degree. Close the JBL Connect there lie the Turn on and Off switch.

The thick fold related with 3.5 mm Auxiliary cable and USB port incorporate more insurance from harming.

Each top and base related with round edges are the join of plastics. In any case the matte completion gives more grasp while keeping the speaker.

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Sound Quality:

There is no doubt regarding the quality of the sound. It might be small in size but it can give an tremendous output sound wether in the indoors or outdoors.

To get the best you do not need to close to the speakers. It does not matter how you place the speaker, but it can still give you the best sound.

In comparison to other Bluetooth speakers it can clear notice that it gives a clear and crisp quality sound.

Regarding the bass output it also gives output quality sound. This is because of the radiators.

However, it really manages well regarding the bass. But here there is some disadvantages, it is distortions.

When you play at high you will feel the distortion. Even there is distortion while playing at high volume.

But the vocal echoes are very clear in any type of music. Which it can heard clearly.

As per claims by the JBL this microphone reduces noise and replicate. So, to make sure this if it is true or not, test is done.

But, unfortunately it did not work very well. So, if you make a call with the speaker, the other side person has the chance of hearing noise.

And it is also found out that to function the microphone properly, the call should be done in the radius of 0.5 meter.

Should I Buy or Not?

Undoubtedly about this Flip 3 a few to express this is one of the lightweight loudspeaker that could fit with regard to indoor and outdoor utilisation.

Due to its tremendous output audio. No matter enought variety associated with genres that you would like to perform, that could nice match on it.

However, this has one little drawbacks that is the bias while playing at higher volume. But at the particular prices of below Rs. 7000 you can neglect the problem.

The features stand out in comparision to the majority of the some other speakers. To say that this Flip 3 offers a great value with favorable of money onto it.

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