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OnePlus BWZ vs BWZ Bass Edition :Choose The Best One


OnePlus BWZ vs BWZ Bass Edition

OnePlus launched a new line of product in addition to the current standard version. The new version is called the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition (Reverb Red). By looking at the price of both the wireless earphones stand at ₹1,999. If, then what really are the difference between the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition(BWZ-Bass Edition) and the Bullets Wireless Z(BWZ)

Indeed if you wanna know more about the normal version or BWZ you can read the review from here. However both the earphones do differ in certain aspects so, what are they? We will find out later.

Which one should you buy, this is what we are going to analyses in this post.

Let’s get begin with

Design & Build Quality:

There is no substantial difference between them in terms of design, both of them are virtually the same. However, the colour variant and the positioning of the control button are to be distinguished.

The magnetic panel of the earphones has a silver finishing. On the bass edition the cable of earphones, is in the form of texture is given in the standardised edition it has a flat wire.

Both have the same versatility in terms of flexibility, but the bass edition band is a little short. On the right side of the BWZ Bass Version the control button is attached. In BWZ the control button are set on the wire.

On the left side of the module, in the BWZ, it has a separate Quick Switch button for two devices. In the Bass Version, however, this feature was left out.

Even though the quick switch feature of Bass Edition does not have a physical button, it is actually different. It does. By selecting Bass Edition among Bluetooth settings of the paired devices, you can turn from 3 paired devices instantaneously.


The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z deliver up to 20 hours of audio playback. 20 hours of battery life while playing music with volume set to 1/3, in AAC mode.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition deliver up to 17 hours of audio playback. 17 hours of battery life while playing music with volume set to 1/3, in AAC mode.

However, it is important to remember that volume, output source, environmental interferences, product features, versions of software and user patterns affect the actual battery life. As far as the real experience depends on the individual user.

A 10-minute charge keeps your music going for 10 hours. Fast charge your OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z / OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition with ease using a standard adapter or Type-C USB charging cable. Requires 5V⎓0.6A adapter or higher. Charging performance may vary.

Sound Quality:

You will note a lack of bass output if you own an older version of this Bluetooth wireless earphone. This is the part in which most people generally complain. However, one thing is sure that the overall performance was strong at mid and high and is ideal for listening to an ordinary and conventional tune.

However, the Bass Edition headphone is re-engineer to get a fine tuned and it ensure the best possible audio listening experience when enjoying bass-heavy music. This might be a perfect for those who love to enjoy in a bass boosted earphones.

Talking about the both the Earphones of the overall performance they do perform in a balance way. It has an output of a good and fine quality.

IPX Ratings:

IP55: Data is based on test results using TUV standards IEC 60529. Please avoid using the headphones during strenuous exercise or while in humid environments. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

Sweat resilience is the same as the resistance to water because the headphones will avoid the entry into the water of fluid, like sweat. In order to increase sweat resistance, there’s a special treatment for the inside. However, long-term use can lower sweat resistance capabilities. Harm to sweat is not assured.


Only when the Fnatic Mode is enabled on any OnePlus smartphone system release after OnePlus 6 T, the regular Bullet Wireless Z currently at 110ms can be audiovisually latenced.

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The audio-visual latency of the currently 100ms bass edition only occurs if Fnatic Mode is allowed on any OnePlus smartphone device released after OnePlus 6T.

Even in real life , despite the latency of both the wireless earphones, the BWZ Bass Version has a better performance.

However, to get the best experience you need to have OnePlus 6 T devices or newer devices. It does not mean this feature will not work well on non OnePlus devices, but you will not get the same results as OnePlus.


Regarding the weight of both the earphones the Bass Edition BWZ is measures at 26 G and has a little less weight as compare to regular edition however it measures at 28 G.

Comfort & Fit:

I can’t tell the bass version or BWZ has a great match in terms of comfort and fit. This could be different from person to person. However, when wearing the wireless earphones for a long time , the pressure does not increase.

They are relaxed and comfortable. However, it can create a slight problem when you choose to use standard edition to Jog, Running etc., since it is a long neckband and it is very much pushed by the battery location as opposed to the Bass edition. BWZ Bass Version is the preferred alternative in this situation.


Both are using the 5.0 version and QCC3024 chipset of Bluetooth technology. When used together, the Bullet Wireless Z / OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z Bass Version and the OnePlus phones provide the best experience.

That said, the Bass Edition is also compatible with all Bluetooth devices, with 10 metres between the headphones and Bluetooth devices being the longest Bluetooth transmission distance.

Due to the existence of Bluetooth headphones, the communication can be interfered by electromagnetic interference in the field.

Based on the wireless technology design, the sound signal can be ‘delayed’ while the computer screen is on and transmitted at the same time as a Bluetooth, so the sound cannot be synchronised with the image.

It may not occur with the sound signals. On all OnePlus smartphone devices released after OnePlus 6 T, the Fast Pair feature is available.

Call & Mic Quality:

Even though there’s an algorithm-enabled microphone for environmental noise cancellation for great calls. With respect to call and mic quality, neither BWZ nor Bass Version are of the same quality.

In reality, there is no problem with calling in a quiet environment. However, it does not monitor the outside if your outside or in a noisy setting, so the other end can not hear your voice. It may not be a reasonable idea to try calling.

Which One Should You Buy: BWZ vs BWZ Bass Edition:

In its perspective, both earphones are fine. There is, however, a common law which needs a winner whenever a fight occurs. In this we split the winner into various aspects to ensure that you have a better idea which to purchase.

The design may not be the best option but one thing you should remember is that both quality and quality are the same in this department.

But, yes, the battery can only purchase the option, so that, compared with the bass model, the standard edition can give you additional battery power.

As for gaming, bass version had a better latency, with that reason you can opt for it.

Ok, if your bass lover thinks of purchasing BWZ Bass Version in terms of sound quality. It has strong tuning and good management. Even the Tops and the Mids have no muffles.

But you can go for BWZ if you are a person who loves listening to a regular or a traditional song. Both tastes have the same overall musical experience and in the usual version, the bass is the only difference.

Buy: BWZ

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