Bose SoundSport Free Review:Bose Mean Boss Really?



The Verdict:

If you are sport lover or a main purpose is for using in Gym, Running or doing while Exercise, so why should to skip this beast. The sound that produce are really amazing and phenomenal. There is no denying the fact it can really suit for your needs when it come to music.

Stuff Place One Ratings:

Sound Quality4.0
Build Quality4.3
Value For Money4.0
Noise Cancellation3.5


No USB Type-C

Lag While Playing Vidoes

No Noise Cancellation


Good Sound Quality

Good Build & Design

IPX Rating

Good Battery Life

Bose SoundSport Free Review: Design & Build Quality:

The SoundSport was released a way back in 2016 and after the release the Bose SoundSport Free was release with a lot of changes. In this review we will looking forward on wether SoundSport Free is really worth the price.

However, at the time of writing the price in India is Rs. 18,990. It is Ava in three different colors viz : Black, Bright Orange, Mid-Night Blue/Citron, Navy/Citron.

Properly, regarding looks sensible it is virtually identical to the particular SoundSport, it is definitely without the cables. To add a lot more premium looks upon the sides this is covered using a glossy plastic which usually fade from dark to a strong golden brown. The particular rubberized materials provide more grippiness whilst pulling them out there.

Coming to the Eartips they are really well build and are design that can easily fit in the ear.

They’re also IPX4 ranked meaning they can withstand water splashes and rain in case you’re caught away there. Even with the splashing water on this, the SoundSports are still functioning complety.

Lastly, included with the particular earphones is the exceptional case. The made is of a durable matte black plastic, and maintains the earphones safe. Something that’s helpful and really awesome is the connecting pins are magnetic, acquiring the earphones in place with no buttons or snap.

It adjusts the earbuds, and above all, less possibility of these spat of my situation when I open them. Pushing on the catch to open the case likewise gives you five white LED pointer lights giving you a thought of how much battery life the headphones or case has.

Bose SoundSport Free Review:Comfort & Fit:

Nicely, No Doubt, the particular SoundSports Free Earbuds are really comfortable. That is as a result of the smooth StayHear and Eartips. If you’re Bose fans or even using their products you will notice one thing about the distinctive design. But this may function for some and may well not for other people.

Although this SoundSport Free is a good In- Ear headphones, but unlike some other the eartips does not go deep in the ear canal. In case you have the sensitive ear this could be the ideal one. Furthermore, this add extra comfy to it.

They are doing stay flawlessly within ears, as evaluate to Jaybird Ruh this one offers an improved fit. Yet not the very best due to the fact they do consider a little bit more compared to nearly all of the rivals. Indeed, it weight 14 Grams on every earbud.

But, the particular flanged eartips once again does very nicely stopping them through falling out. The only real issue, is they stick out a little bit whenever you look directly on. This will be completely subjective, nevertheless they look too cool.

However, it help in managing the earbuds, and most significantly, less chance with these receding associated with case whenever you all of them. Pressing on the particular button to open up the case furthermore shows you 5 white LED indication lights giving a person an idea showing how much battery existence the earphones or even case has.

Bose SoundSport Free Review: Battery Performance:

According to claim by the Bose with just one full charge it can last upto 5 Hours. Yet using at 50 percent volume the earbuds itself can last for 4 and Half hrs. I think at some extent the life of battery is pretty good. Nevertheless, the case itself can last upto 10 Hours of battery-life.

One of the major drawback is that there is no support of Type-C port its support only Micro-USB for charging. But one is that with just 15 minutes it can last upto 45 minutes. However, to get fully charge it can take upto 2 Hours. Really time consuming right!


In terms of connectivity and range the soundsport free is quite exceptional. But the Bluetooth Version is little outdated as comparing to the price. Hope to see version 5.0 at least but its given only 4.1 version.

Indeed, without any interruption between the devices and the buds it can connect upto 60 linear feet of distance before it get lost the connection. Within the given range that is up to 9 M even if there is obstacles between you wont face any connectivity issue.

Call & Mic Quality:

The quality of call as well mic are really uncommon. Infact, the output quality are really great. During call you and the end person could hear the voices clearly. You can even use this at Office and Outdoors as well.

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Nonetheless, the background noise doesn’t cover up much. Because of that using at noisy environment would not be a good experience. That’s because of the absence of the Noise Cancellation.

Note: While making calls only the right side of the buds will work. Which means during calls the left is not usable.

Controls Button & Features:

Now Bose skip the strength Button instead they will equipped with a good computerized turn upon. Which signifies that right after pulling out through the case they may automatically turned this on.

However, vast majority of the actual physical button take the particular right side from the buds. Like Volume Up and Lower plus in the centre right now there is a multiple function button.

Therefore, Play/Pause a Music you need to tap A single Time(Single Tap). Simply by double Tap a person can Skip the particular Song or Three-way tap you are able to Prior the Song. In order to activate Siri or even Google Assistant a person need to keep and press regarding seconds. To solution a Phone Contact you can pushing the Multi-Function key once.

On the left of the particular earphones, there is certainly a single button, pressing that will button it could hook up you upto switch you between devices. And Yes, this can pair up to seven devices at the same time.

As a matter of fact, the only issue is that, the button are pretty hard to press. To get use to it, you need to put a little effort as compare to the other competitors. In fact, you require a firm presses to change these things.

Bose SoundSport Free Review:Latency

The latency on this earphones is really bad. The synchronization doesn’t match up with the video that you are playing. There is a postponement of as long as 1 second. And in terms of gaming your experience with this one gonna be bad.

Other Extra Features With The App:

Most of the premium TWS gives Find My Buds I think that is extremely astounding. Atter Setting up, just dispatch the specific Bose Connect App, tap the “Discover My Buds”. After this you will get a specific guide with a most recent Bluetooth Connection thats make it easier to find.

By setting them with a high volume tone, it will give a clear message where they are. But, the absence of GPS has a little drawbacks, because if the position or location has been move you won’t find the earbuds.

Different highlights that you can change are an Auto-shutoff Timer, Voice Prompts, and Language Settings. Other than that, the Bose App is truly unremarkable person and doesn’t offer a lot.

Bose SoundSport Free Review: Sound Quality

Proceeding onward the most significant piece of the survey that is the nature of the Music. Almost certainly the sound of Bose SoundSport Free is simply flipping incredible. To put it plainly, it is equalization, clear and loyalty.

All things considered, it furnishes a high goal alongside an incredible exact music.In terms of clamor it gets extremely uproarious even at 50 to 60 percent volume. When listening an extraordinary music or tune feels like you’re tuning in at 80 percent volume.

Sort like EDM, HIP-HOP to Classic Rock and Folk and Retrowave they all sounded extraordinary. However, in Classic Rock and Pop Music the quality did truly sparkle well.

The Bass:

Contrasting the size and Bass that present is punchy and even. Infact, there is no helped sound like the Jaybird Run did. All things considered, the Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones is moderate and clear and there’s no engineered sound.

Also, there is no mutilation and it is only useful for appreciating most if type out there. What’s more, Yes, it has comparable element to Bose QC35 ANC on the off chance that you have ever hear it out.

The Mids:

In the mid range the Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earphones does truly do equity. Particularly, the mid range is the place the guitars, strings, and woodwinds, just as vocals goal lies.

What’s more, the detail result is a lot of plain. The yield sounds are unmistakable and fresh without suppress with some other section.

In electronic music, those brilliant resounding notes that give a sentiment of vitality and energy are repeated with constancy and exactness. Truth be told the Vocals are pushed forward which permit you to hear them unmistakably with detachment.

The Highs:

At moderate volumes, detail and enunciation rounded out the higher frequencies. The high pitch was not sharp but rather arrives at a point where you can value the cymbal crashes.

On the highest volumes, there is some slight damage in definition to stop raspiness or ear-tinging. But overall, they will provided a amazing tone without the being attentive fatigue.

The Soundstage:

The particular soundstage is fairly distinctive. What I imply is that this Bose Soundsport free Wireless Earphones absolutely do proper separation of sound. Wether in the particular left, right music channel, the front and the percussion further back.

Despite the fact that there is a soundstage, however in words of widerness it is not broad as that much. In addition to this, the audio tracks is regarded as though it’s from the middle of your face. Indeed it’s like you are sitting right in front of the artist or perhaps position pretty in close proximity to a speaker.


Headphones Dimension3.12 cm H x 2.5 cm W x 3 cm D
Case DimensionCase:3.75 cm H x 10 cm W x 4.75 cm D
WeightBuds: 14 G Each
Case: 80 G
Battery Life5 Hours + 10 Hours (Case)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Charging Time2 Hours
Battery mAh50 mAh
With MicYes
Water ResistantYes
Warranty1 Year
Volume Optimized EQYes
Voice Prompt For Easy PairingYes
Dual-Mic Array For Clear CallsYes

Final Words

Finally, the overall quality wether it’s built or sound the Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless In-Ear Earphones is a solid product without a doubt. Although, in term of looks it’s creepy,but the sounded phenomenal.

But if you are looking for a casual use, you are goona make mistake. It won’t perform the way you wanted to be. Instead of this you can give a try on Apple Airpods.

We all have a different taste, so if you are looking for Sports Earphones the sound pretty damn good definitely give these a try.  


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