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Topic: boAt Stone 1500 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t you wanna immerse into Nirvana with the all new greatest and latest from boAt.

Yes Right!

Because of its 40 Watt dual Speaker and a Passive Bass Radiator. Plus TWS mode can really pump up your party even at outdor or inside.

No doubts, It can really take your Audio experience to the next level.

Additionally, the robust design and build quality could make you more worry less.


Specifications of boAt Stone 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker TypeStereo
IPX RatingIPX6
Driver TypeFull Range Driver
Driver Size70mm *2 outer & 31mm *2 inner
Impedance6Ω &4 Ω
Sensitivity (dB)75dB±3DB
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Battery Capacity (mAh)4000 mAh
Playback Time8 hours
Charging Time4.5 hours
Standby Time360 hours
Bluetooth VersionV4.2
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range10M

Overview Key Features of boAt Stone 1500

Design & Build:

As a matter of fact, the design of boAt Stone 1500 and Stone SpinX 2.0 are really same. But the only difference is 1500 has a bigger size and weight.

In addition to this the Stone 1500 has really got a huge size and yes it is weighing about 3 Kg. Of course it should be because of the quality that pack inside.

Coming to the material of the speaker it got wrapped with fabric. Plus it also has plastic build lining at the bottom of it.

Multi-function button and the battery LED indicator are given at the top of it.

The Control are Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down and a Power Button.

You can set up this speaker in two ways, which means either in vertical or you can lay it down on the surface.

In fact the speaker drivers are equip at front where the boAt is located. But at the back nothing is given.

Which means that this speaker can produce the sound wave only from the front. Suppose if you listening a song from the back there is a chance of missing out a bit.

To pump out a lot of bass or to enhance more the output quality. The bass radiator are located at the side of it. In fact, the radiator gota rugged built which can easily be damage.

Additionally, to make it portable and to easy to carry at the top of it also has hook, which can be attached with the strap.

That’s not all, to make it more hassle less, while handling call it come up with an inbuilt microphone.

Well, the call quality is fine. But while being active on call to get best quality or clearer voice you should be near the speaker.


Because of its only 4.2 Bluetooth version. I think this really needs an improvement.

That’s not all you will also get an Auxiliary Port which can be use for streaming non stop using wire mode.

As a matter of fact, when you got a low version of Bluetooth there is a chance of lagging while watching YouTube, Netflix etc. But, while playing a music you wont get any problem.

IPX6 Water & Shock Resistant

The IPX6 rated Water and Shock resistant build promise a carefree listening time with no water or splash scares.

Battery Performance

This time they really upgrade the capacity as well as the port of charging. Yes this boAt Stone 1500 come with a Type-C port for seamless charging.

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Additionally, it can take upto 3.5 hours to get fully charge.

Indeed, it equipped with a 4,000mAh of Herculean capacity. Yet, with a single full charge it can last upto 8 Hours. But this depends upon the quality of audio and music volume.

If you are playing a music at 50 to 60 percent it has a chance of lasting upto 8 Hours. Additionally if the volume is set at Max it can last upto 4 or 5 Hours.

Sound Quality of boAt Stone 1500:

The quality of sound is good as well as perfect. As compare to the price and the performance this boAt Stone 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker did really do justice.

However, the output sound is a components of three parts the highs, the lows and the mids.

Let discuss each part of the department, so that you can get a better understanding.

Let’s get started

The Highs:

The highs especially represent the sharper instrument sounding. In fact, the boAt Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker handle it in a smooth and the way it should be.

There is no artificially over sharping and it was just right. Plus all the instrument in the spectrum of sound are audible. In short, it produce clean, clear and crisp output.

The Mids:

The mids are specially where the vocals lie. In fact it makes up the body of the music.

How does it Perform?

It is well manage, the vocals are good not to hollow not to upfront amd not muffle by another frequencies.

Indeed, it maintain very good separation from the highs as well as the lows. They really produce a natural sound. And maintain the warm naturally present in the voice even at max volume.

The Lows:

If you are bass lover than you will be fall in love with this boAt Stone 1500. The reason is that it does really do justice in this department.

Indeed, it really resonate on the surface you are keeping wether in vertical or in resting.

It has a thick, punchy rounded and undistorted. And the good part is that it doesn’t muffle with the highs, mids and vocal as well.

In fact it really maintain a good seperation from each other.

The Outdoor Mode:

In the outdoor mode the performance of the highs and mids are also fine. And there is no difference to the indoor mode.

But coming to the Bass the performance isn’t that great. What I mean is that it lack punchy and deep.

Pros & Cons


  • Good Sound Quality.
  • Good Bass.
  • Rugged Design and Build Quality.
  • Type-C Port.
  • IPX Rating 6.


  • Bluetooth Version 4.2

Should You Buy Boat Stone 1500?

Wether JBL Flip 3 Stealth, JBL Flip 4 or Flip 5 this boAt Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker has really guts to compare with. Even in the sound quality or other performance it can really stand out from them.

This could really be a best buy product at a price of ₹ 6,999. This product won’t let you down.


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