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Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker is one the latest speaker from Boat and it’s an upgrade version of Stone 1000 and 1050. But the question is, Does this upgrade has really worth the price?

Well in this review we will find out all the details of it.

The review will focus on The Design, Build, Features, Specifications, Sound Quality, Battery Performance and Connectivity etc.


What’s In The Box?

In the box you will get User Manual, Shoulder Strap, Warranty Card, Stone 1200, Aux Cable, Type-c Charging Cable.

Design, Build & Features:

The Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a cylindrical portable design with weighs around 1.7 kilograms. In facts it’s quite heavy but the carrying strap at the top help the speaker in carrying and it can add less weight because of that.

The build quality of the Stone 1200 has the premium feels with it. The body has a fabric material all around along with a matte rubber belt at the center. The rubber belt at the centre houses all the buttons.

Like the big button with a boat emblem and a led ring, a power button that can only be used to turn on and off the power. A button for true wireless stereo, with other Stone 1200’s connecting and a true wireless stereo sound be able to get or enjoy. There is also a dedicated voice support button that helps you to summon features, whether you are using an Android or Iphone with just a touch.

The back of the rubber belt has a place for 3.5 mm audio jack, USB Port and a Charging Port.

To enhance more bass output either side of the speaker has an inbuilt passive bass radiators. In addition to the radiators both sides of the speaker also have an RGB Led ring that syncs with the beats when listening to music. For turning On or Off you need to press the M button for a seconds.

The 1200 also offer a IPX7 features which it is protected against water and dust. Besides Bluetooth connectivity it has a dedicated USB aport to plug in your pen drive and an aux port.

Control Button:

1. A big Power Button with a LED ring around.

2. Dedicated Button For TWS.

3. Voice Assistant Button.

4. Dedicated Bluetooth/ FM Mode Button.

5. Volume Up/Down and Previous/Next Track Button.

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Below this there is four LED light which indicate the battery level of the speaker.

The FM: Both indoors or out, the performance of FM is surprisingly good. The configuration is very easy; you just have to press the M button to enter into FM mode after turning on the Speaker. After that, the Play Button must be pressed for a second and then all the channels which are present in your region will be scanned. It will settle on a channel until it is finished.

By just clicking either the plus or minus volume rocker to go to the next channel or previous channel if you want to go between the two channels. Instead of pressing by clicking the volume rocker button it can raise the volume while you listen to the FM.


Sound Quality: Before buying any type of speaker knowing the frequencies and distortion is a must. That’s because it can give an idea of how it will sound in reality as well as the quality of sound.

Starting off with the Highs, the highs on Stone 1200 are very bright, and even at full volume, there is no disagreeable sharpness. It can handle any type of track with no distortion and with no crackling. It also has a good mids and highs frequency seperation, without interference on each other, and keeps the sound simple and pristine.

The mids is usually where the vocals lie, the Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker perform well. Because the sound isn’t hollow or sharp, it retains the wealth or warmth of the voice. And it is pleasant to listen and maintains the natural sharpness with richness and natural tone of the voice. With other frequencies it retains the strong seperation

The dedicated passive bass radiator gives us an outstanding bass with a smooth and thumpy tone. The bass answer is a lot better on the ground than the table. Indeed highs, mids and lows are nicely tuned in every track that you play and it sounds very good.

One thing that can be notice is that even though it has a 360° sound barrel configuration. But interestingly the sound loudness is not the same, you can get the full range of the sound if you sit in front of the speaker where the driver is. But you can feel the difference in sound magnitude if you sit elsewhere.

The above assumptions are not the on the full volume. The fact is that if you raise the volume at maximum you can notice the crackling or distortion of sound. Even thought there’s a punchy bass but only upto certain volume level. Meaning when you up the volume level beyond 60 you can notice the distortion.

Connectivity:The BS 1200 is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0, which ensures that the playing of movies by smartphone or TV does not lag. In addition, it can be plugged via 3.5 mm Audio Jack or a pen drive.

But if you play using an audio jack of 3.5 mm, the sound produced is a bit low and it is not the same as Bluetooth connectivity. Also it’s very stable and has a strong connection in relation to the connectivity spectrum, and it is about 12 metres in range of Bluetooth Connectivity.

Battery Performance: As per Boat it has a 3600mAh battery built-in. In which you can get a playback time of nine hours without the LED lights On, and the LED lights turn On it can last for about 7 Hours.

It is certain that it’s not at 100% volume it is definitely at low volumes. This Stone 1200 thus uses a Type-C for charging, and it can complete a single full charge within 4 hours. Indeed, the lifespan of the battery really depends on its use and volume level.

Boat Stone 1200 Specifications:

Speaker TypePortable Wireless Speaker
IPX RatingIPX7
Driver TypeFull Range Driver
Driver Size76mm*2
Sensitivity (dB)75dB±3DB
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Battery Capacity (mAh)3600 mAh
Playback Time9 hours
Charging Time4 hours
Standby Time360 hours
Bluetooth VersionV5.0
Country Of OriginChina
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range12M

Should You Buy Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker?

Should You Buy The Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker? At some point by looking at the features and the performance it is a good buy. However this case may not be applicable for the others as well.

The design choice everything all together is a really really good all-rounder speaker all in all for ₹ 3,000. Talking about the features it really has the features which are not available for this price range.

But in terms of overall sound quality it’s a bit decent, what I mean is that at up 70 to 80 percent it has the perfect quality, but when crossing this level of volume the sound get crackle and give a bit distortion.

Because of that it create a bit of disappointment. However if you want more balance sound quality with loudness you can go for Stone 1400 or 1500. Indeed, at the price ₹. 2,999 the Stone 1200 has the quality that will not disappoint you.


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