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Boat Rugby Plus is a 16 Watt Bluetooth Speaker from Boat which is released recently. Indeed it is pricing at just ₹ 1,999. But the question is Does it really have the quality we will find out in this review.

The Rugby Plus Speaker is a definite upgrade of the existing Boat Rugby. Which I think many people own and it is definitely a pretty decent speaker and really packed a punch and also it looked like a rugby.

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What’s In The Box?

In The Box You Will Get The Portable Wireless Speaker, Type-C Cable, Aux-in Cable, User Manual, Catalogue, Warranty Card

Design & Build Quality:

Coming to the design the looks of the speaker is identical to the original Boat Rugby. In fact the build is more or less okay. The reason is that it’s not that nor bad.

It’s simply feels sturdy and it’s got metal mesh on the front. And the back and from the center at its belly the matte rubber runs across so giving it that rugby shape.

On one side you have the charging port the USBC charging port the aux port and the micro SD Card slot and at the top you have the multi function control button.

This time it’s got better than the previous one which means it come with an IPX7 ratings which is protected against from water and dust.

The two speaker drivers on the side of the speaker generate the maximum volume and the entire sound range.

So if you sit before the area, this is where the whole range of the sound comes out

The passive bass radiator on the other side, but it pushes a lot of the bass and gives that thumb factor.

There’s also an inbuilt mic in which you can attend calls however the quality is just fine meaning the output isn’t that much clear but it can overlook.

Control Button:

The control button are clicky and tactile.

Aim Instructions
Power OnLong Press The Power
Button For 3 Seconds
Power Off Long Press The Power
Button For 3 Seconds
Pairing Auto Pairing Mode
Successful Pairing Select Rugby Plus
Disconnect Long Press The MFB To
Disconnect The Bluetooth
Receive A Call Short Press The MFB
To Receive Incoming Calls
Reject The Call Long Press The MFB For
Rejecting Incoming Calls
Hang Up The Call Short Press The MFB To
Hang Up An Ongoing
Call Volume Up Short Press The Volume Up ‘+’
Volume Down Short Press The
Volume Down ‘ – ’
Next Track Long Press The
Volume Up ‘+’
Previous Track Long Press The Volume
Down ‘ – ’
Play/Pause Short Press The MFB

Battery Performance:

The Rugby Plus has a 2000mAh Lithium built in battery and it has claims that it can last up to 7 hours with a single charge. However this is only when set at 70 percent of volumes.

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With that being said, usage behavior and battery volume can lower the battery lifespan. This time it has an upgrade from Micro USB to Type-C charging port. Depending upon the level of battery it can takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Charging The Device:

Connect one end of the provided charging cable to the charging
input and the other end to an adapter of DC 5V/2A.

• While charging the LED stays solid red and on the other hand.
•Don’t use the speaker while it is in charging as it may decrease the battery’s performance.
• The battery life of the speaker varies with the volume music is being played at. If at a lower volume, the battery life will be longer than when the speakers are playing at full volume.


It’s compatible with every devices for an endless enjoying uninterrupted music. It has a version of Bluetooth 5.0. Besides the speaker has a feature of automatic reconnect which means after the first connection is made whenever you wanted to connect to the device it will automatically connect to the last paired device. Also it can automatically turn off after 5 minutes if it is not connected.

Besides Bluetooth the device is can be connected using an AUX cable into the AUX for playback via AUX mode. Also it can be switch to TF or SD card mode as well. For using this you need to insert the TF or SD card in the TF or SD Card in the TF or SD in the TF or SD Card slot for playback.

Sound Quality:

The main thing of any speaker is the quality of sound, we need to invest in devices which have a good and a better sound quality. So, how this perform in terms of sound quality let’s find out.

Sound is mainly broad up on three frequencies like the Highs- where the sharp sounding instruments are, Mids- where the vocals are which make up for the body of the music and Lows- which is the bass.

Starting with the highs, the Boat Rugby Plus is sharp and the output is loud, thanks to its 16 watt output. However, at maximum volume, the highs are a little sharp; if they could have been a little less sharp while maintaining a bit more detail and richness, it would have been better. However, if you’re looking for sharpness in the highs, this really nails it.

Coming back to the mids, where the vocals are located, the vocals are audible, sharp, bright, and upfront. However, the vocals could have used a little more depth to maintain the natural warmth of a voice. In fact, it sounded a little sharper. As a result, if you’re watching or listening to a podcast, the movie dialogue or voice will be crisp, clear, and audible. But when it comes to quality it need to be a bit more depth and warmth to it so that it sounded a bit more natural.

The bass is pack with a bass radiator which is always welcome in a Bluetooth speaker. Because it really good when it come to the low end. In short the bass has a definite thumb on it. For 16 watts speaker the bass is okay, meaning it’s not bad it definitely has the thump and punch but not the best quality. So at max volume the bass did get muddy and it it lacked the roundness or the richness.

But by reducing the volume at around 75 to 80 or at 70 percent the quality of sound get a few shades better like the highs sound not so sharp it produce a bit more natural. Even the mids and the bass does not distort or get muddy. but at max volume certain tracks not all certain tracks did end up having muddy
bass which is disappointing reduce the volume and that more or less gets


Speaker TypeStereo
IPX RatingIPX7
Driver TypeFerrite
Driver Size52 mm
Sensitivity (dB)800mv
Frequency Response60Hz~18kHz
Battery Capacity (mAh)2000mAh
Lithium Battery
Playback Time7 Hours
(70% Volume)
Charging Time2-3 hours
Standby TimeIt Will Auto
Power Off
After 5 Mins
Of No Signal
Bluetooth VersionV5.0
Country Of OriginChina
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range10M

Should You Buy The Boat Rugby Plus?

Well, the Boat Rugby Plus 16 Watt Bluetooth Speaker is indeed a good speaker.

Indeed the sound quality is good but could have been better could especially in the bass segment. Because it get muddy in the high volume. But for the price of ₹ 1,999 I think this is okay.

This won’t disappoint you if your focus factor is on loudness and sharpness. So it’s got you covered plus there’s a need of improvement here and there and would have made it better. Yet this is still a speaker definitely that you can look into investing.

Check Price On Boat Lifestyle

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