boAt Rockerz 335 Review: Should You Buy Over?


BoAt recently announced its new product rockerz 335 and added on the wireless neckband earphones list at a price of ₹ 1,999.

Therefore, in this article we will study boAt Rockerz 335 Bluetooth Neckband in detail.

We will cover all the main aspects, so that you can get a better and right understanding before you make decision.

Because of so much variation between advertisements and the actual goods due to the business marketing plan. It needs the most right information and the right idea.

A comparison with competitors like OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and Oppo Enco M31 will also be made.

boAt Rockerz 335 Review: Design & Build Quality:

Let’s get started with the quality.

To be honest I think the quality isn’t that much great.


Because the efficiency and the look of BoAt did not really change. This one doesn’t have a premium build in comparison to boAt Rockerz 255.

This time BoAt has a genuine balance on neckband quality. 

The rubber of silicone is not quite reasonable. This is not as flexible as its competitors in terms of flexibility.

This makes it a little cheap and not ideal for pant packing and might not be easy to carry.

With a mixture of silicon rubber and a metal on the stuff. It doesn’t add a lot of weight and feels very lightweight.

They have really done a costing in this product. How one can expect a cheap quality from a brand like boAt. But, unfortunately this time boAt has really need to look at the quality.

Because the earpieces look cheap and not so high quality. It has a circular shape with respect to the wires and plastic content.

In most cases, whether the wireless or wired earphones the place where it usually gets damage is the joint of the wire with the module.

In contrast to that, the joint with the module is quite good. But it will need really good care to get a long-lasting life.

Talking about the module most of its control and charging port and LED indicator are located on the right side.

In spite of having a feature magnetic attach. But rockerz 335 hasn’t the characteristic of Play/Pause or Connect/Disconnect.


Below are the control function:

  • With a single tap Power Button, you can Play/Pause.
  • By single tap a Power Button you can receive or reject the call.
  • Dedicated button for Volume Up/Down.
  • With a long press on the + button, you can Skip Track. To previous track need to long-press the – button.
  • For accessing Google Assistant/Siri you need to long-press the power button.
  • Finally, you can reset the neckband by pressing the +/- key at the same time at least for 5 seconds.

Comfort & Fit:

As you can see the design can be related to a basic sport earphone.

But for getting a better snug fit you make sure and check out which ear-tips has a better fit for your ears.

In terms of fitting, it does provide a snug fit. But as per the comfort is concern it doesn’t much do justice to it.

What I mean is that wearing for the long term it can create a constant pressure in the ear.

Because of that, it can indulge in irritation. And may not be suitable for heavy usage like Running, Gym, or even work out sessions.

Using as a multipurpose this won’t work great. The reason is that the battery module of the Neckband which usually moves a lot and it create an unwanted issue.

But if it is for normal use or short term or light running, gym, or work-out usage there won’t be that much problem.

For heavy running or gym, the better option would be OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z or Realme Buds Wireless.

boAt Rockerz 335 Review:Call & Mic Quality

As per the company statement, it features a CVC noise cancellation. This means that while making calls it can give a better and clear voice.

But in reality, it seems it doesn’t work very much somehow it manages up to 70 to 80 percent of background noise. For the price range of ₹ 2,000, it is acceptable.

In the noisy environment, the clarity of voice is slightly heavy. Because of that, it doesn’t deliver a much clear voice. But in a quiet environment, it is perfect.

If you wanted to use voice recording it won’t be a good idea. Nonetheless, it is good to consider this boAt Rockerz 335 for calling purposes.

The Latency

When it comes to Latency it doesn’t work very well with the Neckband or Tws earphones even if the company claim that it has low latency mode.

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In reality, when we compare the company claim data and the real-life data it has really a huge difference.

In the case of Rockerz 335, the latency is low but that not much low. What I mean is that, if your main purpose is for gaming you need to adjust. There is a slight delay for at least 1 Second delivering the actual sounds.

For gaming using the wireless earphones aren’t a good idea instead you should go after wired headphones or earphones.

For watching online videos like YouTube, Netflix any other streaming platform you won’t get the perfect balance audio. But it can give you a satisfying one.

Connectivity & Functionality

For connectivity, it uses Bluetooth version 5.0. Like others, it has a connectivity range of 10 M or 33 F. This is a pretty common range of Bluetooth headset.

With the enable of dual-pairing, you can connect upto two devices at the same time.

Here’s How To Do A Dual Pairing Mode?

Firstly, If you have connected with another device, you need to turn off that device.

Secondly, After turning off, you connect the neckband to the second device.

Finally, If the connection is completed in the second device and then turn on the first device it will automatically connect to the neckband and it will go to the dual pairing mode.

Battery Performance:

This time boAt has really shown a huge development in the battery section. As per the company stated it has 150mAh and the battery can last upto 30 hours with a single charge.

That’s really insane right.

However, in actual situations, with a single full charge, it can last up to 22 – 25 hours by using at 50-60% volume.

Even though it doesn’t get near to company set mark but if we compare to its competitors like OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z or Oppo Enco M31 this one is a beast and has huge battery life.

This time, instead of an old fashion port, it has a new, modern Type-C port for charging. In spite of this, it has the support of A. S. A. P or Quick Charge, which means that with just a charge for 10 minutes it can last up to 6 hours.

However, it might take up to 45 minutes to get the battery full juice. In addition, the dedicated charger volt is not specified in order to charge the Neckband not to be confused. Any adapter form with Type C can be loaded.

boAt Rockerz 335 Review: Sound Quality

The quality of music is very significant because most of us use earphones to judge the good and bad by the quality of music.

The Boat Rockerz 335 has an aptX HD support and a 10 mm drivers. Even the earphones typically have an aptX service but it doesn’t work the way it should work.

Well, we will later find out whether aptX works or not in this review.

Let’s start with the bass, the bass is definitely very loud. You should please yourself if you are the kind of person who enjoys loud music.

Yet music is incomplete in equilibrium. There is no punchy and extra bass due to its loudness. Because of that, it gives ear tiredness instead if you are listening for a long time at high volume.

It doesn’t much very well balanced, even though there is a support of aptX HD at some point it doesn’t give us enjoy music.

That’s why it loses the balance of music and also contributes to distortions due to its loudness listening at high volume.

In terms of separating the background music with the audio, it doesn’t do much justice. And it really mixed it up with another segment.

Speaking to the treble there’s is a really high rate. But yes, by playing around with the equalizer you can manage the level.

The vocals aren’t much clear and it uses to get boomy.

In fact, the quality of music isn’t that great. However, if you looking for an alternative you should go for OnePlus Bullets Z or Oppo Enco M31.


Headphone TypeIn-Ear
IPX RatingIPX5
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Size10 mm
Sensitivity (dB)– 98dB±3DB
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Battery Capacity (mAh)150 mAh
Playback Time30 hours
Power Source3.7V/150 mAh
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth Devices
Charging Time40 minutes
Standby Time150 hours
Talktime30 hours
Bluetooth VersionV5.0

boAt Rockerz 335 Review: Should You Buy?

The question is should I buy boAt Rockerz 335 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Earphones?

But sometimes, to make a decision should be quite a tough right.

But don’t get confused I’ll help you in a simple way whether you should or not?

As per this price segment boAt Rockerz 335 competitors are doing well in the market. But every product has their own unique way. In terms of Rockerz 335 the uniqueness is the battery.

But the main concern for buying might not be the battery. Indeed if you are a person who likes to make a lot of calls and lazy for charging you can definitely consider this one.

But for the purpose of music or for gaming buying this might not be a good choice. Instead at this price point, you should go for OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z or Oppo Enco M31 for better music, build, and overall quality.

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