Boat AirDopes 601 ANC TWS Review


Boat AirDopes 601 ANC TWS Review – The Boat Air Dope 601 ANC comes with the standard box and documentation, as well as various different adverts for other Boat items, a USB C charging cable, a few other sized ear tips, the ear buds themselves, and the warranty card.


In terms of functionality, the Boat AirDopes 601 ANC has Bluetooth version 5, active noise cancellation with ambient mode, as well as swipe gesture controls on the earbuds.

It also has IPX4 water resistance, a quick charge, with a Battery life of about of 4.5 hours with active noise cancellation turn on and without active noise cancellation it can last for about 5.5 hours.

In most case which is acceptable for an earbud with active noise cancellation. While the charging case itself, has a total of 28 hours of playback.

It boasts with 10 millimetre drivers, along with an auto play and pause, which works when both earbuds are removed. Which means when the earbuds are remove it will automatically pause the music, and when putting it back in, it will resume playing.

In most cases this is useful, but it could have been better. The reason is that by just taking out a single earbud this feature doesn’t work, to make this there’s a need of taking out both the earbud.

But, while it isn’t flawless, it is a nice feature. It also has four ambient noise cancellation microphones, which they claim can filter out environmental noise and make your speech crystal clear when you make calls. 


Thin plastic casing with a few rough edges. But though it looks great, especially the white one, and the interior has a steel or blue tint that looks great.

The case itself does not add the most high quality up front, it has the Boat logo embossed and with four LED also a button at the back which will light up the LED letting you know how much charge is left. So if all four LED light up, that signifies it’s fully charged. The structure is a little weak and made cheaply, not the greatest plastic build.


In terms of comfort, it may not be the most pleasant earphones for some. In comparison to other Air Dope series that are far more comfy.

Active Noise Cancellation

As a result, when they’re inside your ear, they’ll block out outside noise. This could be due to a physical issue between the outside noise and the inside noise  the ear canal. In terms of technology, cancellation may not be able to actively filter out noise or ambient noise.

So, What Actually Active Noise Does?

The active noise cancellation system has a specialised microphone that analyses the sound in the environment. Because sound arrives in the form of frequencies, it analyses those frequencies and creates an inverse frequency that is equal to minus one and plus one, with a net result of zero.

So it’s as if it analyses that frequency, generates an inverse frequency, and attempts to cancel it out continually, or at least until it’s meant to cease. The active noise cancellation system has a specialised microphone that analyses the sound in the environment.

The ANC accomplishes its function, although a mediocre one, but it makes a difference. It also has an ambient mode that let outside noise in, which is great if you’re walking down the street and want to be more aware of your surroundings.


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The swipe movements on the earphones are hit-or-miss; they don’t always function 100% of the time, and there may be a learning curve. You need to know how much pressure you need to apply and where you need to put your finger.

It works, however it’s a little difficult to figure out. As a result, some people may prefer a physical button.

But one positive thing about adjusting volume is that with the right earbud, you can increase and decrease volume, play stop tracks, and answer calls by swiping up or down. With the left earbud, you may swipe up or down to go to the next track or the previous track by swiping up or down.

Audio Quality of Boat AirDopes 601 ANC TWS Review

Let’s go right to the point: the audio quality has isn’t that great. It doesn’t matter what other feature it has because it isn’t what it claims to be.

If the audio isn’t worth it, it won’t be much satisfy to buy.

Let’s start with the highs.

The highs are razor-sharp. They are, however, lacking in richness and are not of the highest caliber. You’ll be able to hear the music. They are instrumental, but they don’t have a lot of power.

Strong separation between the mid-frequency range and the high-frequency range. As a result, there is some overlap and a gap separation and it has a tad more richness on average not sharpness, but more detail more information would have greatly improved it.

Now getting to the mid frequencies of  vocals again this is a very vocal or mid-centric. The voice or mid frequencies feel empty. They lack the warmth that are naturally present in vocals, thus they don’t sound the best.

And it does overlap with the highs, causing you to lose out on some of the higher frequencies. Because voices or mid frequencies are assigned the highest priority

Now, returning to the low end or bass, this is disheartening since with despite the fact having 10 millimetre drivers the bass that it produce is dead. It’s have a lot of really tremendous booming bass, although the bass is distorted It’s a little short on bass, but it’s enough. not to claim it doesn’t exist

However, if you’re a fan of bass music, definitely not for you as well as music that are typically more popular. It lack in creating that and that. It also does not sound as deep and as powerful. Thick and round how it should be, therefore you miss out thud factor, which enhances any music enjoyable

So the whole sound stage sounds rather limited. It isn’t as wide since the wider and more the greater. Essentially it implies and can comprehend the distance between the locations of the instruments if it all stems from the centre. There’s a very little sound stage, and this is what it accomplishes audio quality.

Final Words of Boat AirDopes 601 ANC Review

Immensely dissatisfied Not the greatest, I mean there are cheaper air dopes out there that do not have active noise cancelling that sound considerably superior than this one. So, unless you want active noise cancellation, avoid the Boat Airdope 601 ANC..

It isn’t worth it. You may save money by purchasing the Boat AirDopes 441. Indeed, it is less expensive, has longer battery life, is more comfortable in the hand, and sounds significantly superior to this.

Also, the microphone quality for making calls is quite disappointing. So, in terms of Microphone, the Boat Airdopes 601 ANC isn’t that that impressive. That is, it does not produce high-quality or clear-cut results. However, this is not the best option for audio quality.

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