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Best Selfie Stick in India 2023-With Ultimate Buying Guide


Majority of the people loves to take a selfie, with that being said, there’s a need of a best selfie stick. Here we will un earth the good and fine selfie stick in India.

Today selfie stick are versatile and with many good feature, like Bluetooth, Cord, and Foldable. Indeed because of that it’s add a lot of stability and in return it’s give a good quality of picture.

However, there are a lot varieties of selfie stick in India. Which can create confusion while choosing the best one. Because of that let’s have a look the Ultimate Guide on Buying The Best Selfie Stick in India 2020.

Product NameConnectivityPrice
1. Mobilife Extendable Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹675
2. JOYSEUS Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹899
3. Fugetek. Professional Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹ 4,701
4. SMILEDRIVE Sturdy Extendable Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹ 1,099
5. IN ONE Buletooth Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹1,599

Types of Selfie Stick:

Before going through the guide on buying the best selfie stick, let’s have a quick look at Different Types of Selfie Stick.

1. Bluetooth Selfie Stick:

Bluetooth selfie stick are one of the most easy to use available in the market. It come with an inbuilt or button feature, in which you need to pair with your device. After pairing you just need to clip your phone to the holder and its ready to do action.

2. Manual Selfie Stick:

Manual selfie stick are the one that usually need to perform the task in a manual way. Meaning you need to set a timer before every time taking a picture.

3. Cabled Selfie Stick:

The cabled selfie stick comes along with a cable which you need to plug into your devices after clamping your smartphone to the holder. After this you don’t need to perform any task. Just needed to press the button on the handle of the stick.

Ultimate Buying Guide on Best Selfie Stick in India :

Below are the important point need to know before buying the selfie stick. So, that you don’t miss the good one.

1. Quality:

While purchasing products, quality is one of the most important aspects. That if we purchase high quality goods and develop them, we get the benefits. It must also respond to all sorts of situations, including heating and wet conditions. The handle also should have a strong one when the stick is holding.

2. Length or Total Reach:

One of the main factors is the duration and overall distance. The reason is that it should be far away to get the best images when catching the lovely moment. It must also be sufficiently lightweight, so when you’re in journey doesn’t bother you.

3. Connectivity:

Earlier, we speak about the form of selfie sticks, so I believe we know the connectivity clearly. The Bluetooth, Manual or Cable are the three available connectivity. Bluetooth or Cable(which usually use 3.5 mm headphones jack) should be one of the most suitable and simplest. The manual is one of the toughest and time consuming. But this rely on your personal preference.

4. Easy To Use:

Always keep in mind the selfie stick must be easy to use and should be portability. No matter in what situation you are in. Also, to make it a lot useful choose the one that have split at one end to make a tripod. This will help you taking selfies photo which usually look likes a regular photo.

5. Mirror:

For some reason if your smartphones doesn’t have a good quality front camera, you must consider to have a selfie stick that has mirror. Because of this you can use this feature for taking a selfie using rear camera.

6. Waterproof:

Why is it waterproof? The reason is that often during rain or rainy weather one might need to catch the perfect moment. In this scenario, you might take best action under water if you’re a person who enjoys snorkelling or plunge. For this purpose a selfie stick with waterproof function may also be considered.

7. Clamp:

Before you buy a selfie stick one thing you need to make sure the quality and what type of clamp it have. You need to make sure that the one you’re buying and you’re smartphone support it or not. Also make sure that it should have a firm hold of the sevices so that it won’t fall out easily. The Clamps must have a lower edge tapering downwards, because this type of clamp hold a phone better.

8. Accessories:

If you’re ready to spend an extra bucks for a gadgets you can get lanyards, belt clips, flip-lock extensions, Universal adapter ( which can be use for attaching Digital Cameras and action cameras such as Go Pro etc.)

9. Prices:

Prices really play a key role at one point, because at a lower price you can ultimately buy a poor quality selfie sticks. But the good quality can often also be found at low rates, so you just have to take caution before you buy. However, the good one are usually start at the price of ₹ 500.00.

Best Selfie Stick in India For Android & iPhone 2020 :

Product NameConnectivityPrice
1. Mobilife Extendable Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹675
2. JOYSEUS Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹899
3. Fugetek. Professional Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹ 4,701
4. SMILEDRIVE Sturdy Extendable Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹ 1,099
5. IN ONE Buletooth Selfie StickBluetooth/Wireless₹1,599

Hoteon Mobilife Bluetooth Selfie Stick – Review

I think everybody needed a lightweight and easy to handle selfie stick. Hoteon Mobilife Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand is one of the most appropriate selfie stands for less than 1,000. Which is compact in size as well as in design.

Sometimes it can can be difficult to handle a monopod auto stick with a heavy tripod. Because of that why not to use a lightweight foldable selfie stick of Mobilife.

The lightweight and more functional and easy to use and carry make it perfect for every place. Using the selfie stick is simple you just need to gently slide the wireless remote from stick . In addition the tripod appears only after 3 seconds.

Besides to unroll you need just press the bottom of the selfie stick. Sophisticated design that opens or closes the tripod in one move. This is the perfect you to begin the selfie happiness.

The length of the stick ranges from 10 to 23.6 inches. That means that you can pick your desired length for the perfect selfie. With its 270° rotation, you can also satisfy your various needs by only rotating the head or phone holder to take videos, video calls or direct broadcast.

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In reality, most smartphones are compatible and this can be a great match. The Selfie Stick is actually designed for IPhone x 8, 6, 7 etc. Plus Android Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 Blackberry Huawei, etc.

That means you don’t have to worry about problems of incompatibility. Even 3.5-6.2″ screen devices such as Samsung & iOS will fits. No need to download additional APP, for operating the stick.

The CR1632 has a lithium metal replacement cell of 120mah for the Remote. With a single battery pictures can be taken or last up to 7500. In addition, an extra battery will be supplied with the device. The battery can also be quickly replaced and bought from the market.

JOYSEUS Selfie Stick-Review

JOYSEUS Selfie Stick with Extendable Tripod Stand and Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Remote, Ultra Compact Selfie Stick for Mobile and All Smart Phones is really comfortable to use and the handle as well. The stainless steel material selfie stick tripod are really tough enough for a long lasting life. It also included 2x CR1632 battery which is replaceable.

This is one of the best 2-in-1 selfie stick. That’s because of its inbuilt tripod with wireless remote which makes it easy to take selfie-photography. Also you can easily separate the remote control to take group photos like parties, graduation, wedding, travel. You can use it as a regular selfie stick or as a quick and easy tripod.

But using as a tripod mode, the center of gravity of cellphone must be kept in line with the selfie stick. The lower the height of extendable rod, the better the stability.

This selfie stick tripod has a compact design, lightweight and the functionality makes it easy to take anywhere. Also the length can be extended between 7.9 to 27 inches. Because of that makes it very suitable for Photograph, Facetime, Vlog, Streaming and more.

Apart from this the head can be rotate with a 225° and phone holder can be rotate upto 360°. There’s no need of worrying to take the best photos because the phone clip can rotate horizontal or vertical. You just need to cradle the head or phone holder to take photos, video call or live broadcasting.

Regarding the compatibility it support mobile phones up to 3.3″ wide, which means that it is compatible with majority of the smartphones like iPhone, Android, HUAWEI, Samsung Galaxy, XIAOMI , REALME etc.

Fugetek Professional Selfie Stick- Review

Fugetek Professional Selfie Stick is a two interchangeable phone mounts. That’s mean one as lock extendable upto to 4.2″. In which it decrease the phone slippage or drops.

And on the other hand the mirror of the stick help for your rear camera for a better quality picture. In which you don’t need to look the screen of your devices. It can easily compatible with most of the smartphones including the case.

However, it can’t use with a Gopro Adopter for that you need to buy it seperately. Because of its high quality material and easy to Operate will make everyone in love with it.

The handle is also tough enough that’s because it use a non-slip sure grip rubber. Infact, it can be extendable upto 49″ inches.

That’s make it perfect to take a picture of yourself. Apart from this locking the stick is easy you just need to quick flick it no need twist to lock.

For connectivity it use Bluetooth Remote and it really has a fast connecting speed. For operating the it use a remote which is attached with with stick. However, it uses a rechargeable battery, which can last upto 300 hours standby, and it takes upto 1 hour for full charge.

In terms of compatible like others it is compatible with most of devices like iPhone, Android, GoPro (Gopro Bluetooth incompatible), Digital Camera (Bluetooth may be incompatible). Compatible with iPhone iOS and Android 4.3 or newer. (iOS has no zoom feature).

SMILEDRIVE Sturdy Selfie Stick- Review

This 2-in-1 selfie stick is one of the best companion for travel. That’s because depending upon the situation you can use stick or a tripod. It will really helps you in taking self portrait or a group picture.

The adjustable length and the rotatable ball head makes more perfect for clicking pictures. Yo shoot from any angle the ball head can be rotatable upto 360°.

And it can achieve the length of between 20 cm to 92 cm. It can hold a smartphones having width 5.2 * 10.5 cm that has a weight upto 220 G.

To use the action camera you need to attached the attachment which is provided so that it can be compatible with GoPro, Sjcam & other sports cams.

The quality or the material lightweight and durable. It use aluminum ally as well as plastic to get the sturdiness of the selfie stick.

This selfie stick come witha remote and has a support of both Mobile devices and a Action Camera. Which means no need to attached a wire to the devices all the works can be done through wirelessly.

However, the remote clicker work only with IOS or Android Devices doesn’t work with Action Camera.

IN ONE Bluetooth Selfie Stick- Review

The selfie stick with a Tripod and a wireless remote(Max: 10 M) advantages is that allows you to take selfie-photography or you could separate the remote to take group photos like parties, graduation, wedding, travel.

Three ways to rotate the selfie stick tripod, 203° rotation head with an adjustable knob and 360° rotatable phone holder. You could rotate it and select horizontal or vertical camera mode to get the best angle photos.

It comes with attached Selfie Flash light which is mounted on the phone holder to capture a bright and night selfies.

It weight only 300 gm, 300mm folded size, convenient for you take it in your pocket or bag when traveling. Extendable length up to 1600mm. You can use a short length for intimate shots,or make a longer length to get more wider scenery.

For material it use aluminum alloy stick with non-slip foot pad. Which make the tripod more stable for recording video as well as clicking pictures.

The remote has Internal 65mAh rechargeable lithium battery. In which it can capture up to 50000 selfies after full charge.

To get fully charge it can take between 30 – 45 minutes. It can power the selfie stick tripod keep working for 24 hours. And can last for up to 3 months in standby mode.


Here’s is our Top 5 list regarding the Best Selfie Stick in India. This products aren’t tested individually but these Best Selfie Stick in India are selected rigorously after doing inspection each one of them to the original user’s as well as doing an online research. Hope that you find your best one from the list above.

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