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Best PUBG Triggers Online In India-2023


As you are all aware, the Indian Government has banned PUBG Mobile and many other Applications and Games.

But there are still players who continue to access the games and play them. In fact if you want to buy the best PUBG triggers and don’t want to waste in finding the product online. Search no more.

That’s because I have searched the Internet and for the best mobile PUBG controller from Amazon and Flipkart in India.

No more difficulty just select the right one from the list below. Indeed these are the top cheap and best mobile PUBG triggers Under ₹ . 500 in India.

But, before we get into the topic, let ‘s look at some of the PUBG mobile triggers question in India quickly.

Best Sellers in Video Games

Are PUBG Mobile trigger using is useful?

In fact the Pubg Mobile Triggers are very useful if use in the correct way. However, there are some disadvantage on it.

With the demand increase in the battle royale game like PUBG, Critical Ops and Survivor Royale etc. No doubt the newbie players will also increase and because of some one will play to become a good gamer. While the other will play just for fun.

If you really want to become a great player in the field of royale game like PUBG Mobile, Knives Out, Rule of Survival, Survivor Royale. I personally should not recommend using the PUBG Mobile phone trigger.

If the games is popular it increase good player also. So, it means that your skill should be greater than your enemy. With the help of this PUBG Mobile trigger, you could increase the skill of your gameplay.

So, to use some of these best PUBG triggers is not a big thing in a classic level league. Instead, it could you have a better higher ranking.

But before choosing the product it comes to our though that,

Which is the best PUBG Mobile triggers for mobile?

So, it might be one of the difficult questions, because it really depends on personal experience. Because of the number of available brands in the market.

Below are the best Pubg Mobile Triggers:

1. SpinBot BattleMods Mobile Gaming Triggers.
2. RPM Euro Game Controller Button.
3. Lady Thikhai Angels Wings Mobile Controller.
4. BASEUS Smart Trigger for Mobile Games.
5. NOYMI Pubg Controller.
6. LTK Thanos X7 Mobile Trigger.
7. Secro PUBG Mobile Game Controller L1R1.

While there may be a variety of varieties available, their performance is not the same. In reality, this all depends on the way and how you use it. On the other hand, they really rely on the smartphone type as well.

Best PUBG Triggers Online in India.

SpinBot BattleMods Mobile Gaming Triggers for PUBG Mobile

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One 3.9”

I think every gamer wants to dominate the game in such a way that no one dominates. If you think you also want to dominate you should not let go all these aim buttons for playing PUBG.

Spinbot BattleMods Conductive Mobile Gaming L1R1 Triggers is specially built for gaming for PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Freefire, etc. Because of its sensetive aim button this pubg mobile triggers could help you in knocking an enemy quickly.

Because of the innovative technology which is used in the product, it won’t take time to conduct the game.

This gaming triggers has good responsiveness makes you have more advantages in a close encounter. The smoothness and support make an easy to use these mobile shooters.

The material of this PUBG trigger makes them look premium. Because, ABS plastic is considered to be one of the best and most durable as compare to others.

The internal slot prevent it from clicking the volume and key due to the configuration. You don’t have to worry, even if you have a thick smartphone sheet. The two extra wide clips allow you to change the scale without any difficulty.

Price & Warranty:

This L1R1 trigger for mobile you can buy at just Rs.399 in India from Amazon. And it also have a warranty for 90 days.

  • Pros:-
  1. This best L1R1 trigger has good response sensitive.
  2. It has smooth and comfortable and easy to use.
  3. Value for money.


  1. Not recommended for devices like curved edges screen and Poco F1 and Redmi k20.


RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger Controller Button

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One 4.5”

Every player want to be a great player wether in the field of e-sport. Or not in the field of e-sport.

Have you ever imagine leaving a good mark in the field of PUBG?

How would it be nice right?

Because of this RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger could help you leave a good mark in PUBG Mobile.

Because of this sensitiveness, it could help you in a tough situation. While dealing with an enemy in close combat.

In PUBG Mobile the most important factors are having a good number of kills and accuracy and speed.

If you really want to increase your kills ratio, accuracy and speed. You should not skip this PUBG Mobile trigger. You should have to try on this item.

The quick sensitive response makes you faster while engaging with an enemy.

It does not only increase your kill ratio and accuracy, but it also helps you in increasing the survival time. And most importantly also the chance increase of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Price & Warranty :

The price is ₹ 250 at Amazon. The warranty for this item is 90 days. Covering just assembling imperfections. But, it doesn’t cover any physical damage.

Colors :

The number of colors available of this product is Four.

  1. Metal
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Black


  1. It is durable
  2. Because of the combination of plastic and metal, the material quality is quite good enough.
  3. It left no scratch on the screen.
  4. It also has a quick response sensitive.


Lady Thikhai Angels Wings PUBG Mobile Controller

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One 4.0”

This PUBG Mobile Game Controller is specially designed for Android and iPhone. And a game like PUBG, Fortnite, Knives Out, etc.

Taking the game to the next level might be the dreams of every gamer. If you are thinking of taking a gaming to the next level you should try this one.

Because of its convenient and sensitive operation. You have the advantage of knocking down an enemy quickly. On the other hand, it will give you the experience of a computer mouse.

One of the difficult moves while playing PUBG is to shoot and move. With the help of this, you can easily fire while moving. That means, you have more advantage of knockdown and kill your enemy.

The material of the product is highly durable. Because of high-quality plastic makes them good quality. And its look premium.

Price & Warranty:

The price of this product is Rs.316. You can check more regarding the price in the links below. And it also have a 1 year warranty with a manufacturing defects.


  1. Value for money.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. No wire needed.
  4. It can use on all touch screen mobiles.
  5. Accuracy while aiming enemies.


BASEUS Smart Trigger for PUBG Mobile Games

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One 4.3”

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With the help of this tool, you can have a high rank in the game. Because of their quick sensitive respond. And there is a chance of increasing your gameplay style, and improvement in your gameplay.

Not only improvement in-game play but also higher chances of getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

This smart trigger button is compatible with all devices. Regarding the platform of the device, it can use in both Android and iPhone.

Have you ever face trouble while playing shoot and move? Don’t worry, this smart trigger PUBG could help you in shoot and move with ease.

Because of high accurate firing, there is less chance of firing spread. But not only fire spreading, but also in knocking down and killing them also.

The sensitive reaction makes no delay in while spreading the fire.

Additional Features Of Baseus PUBG triggers:

This best PUBG mobile trigger has a movable chuck. To easily adjust the loose and tightness of the trigger.

Because of the adjustable chucks, there is no chance of blocking the map. It can also makes you easy to move and makes you do shoot and aim in a close combat.

Price :

The price of the Smart PUBG trigger fire button is Rs.499. You can check regarding price details link below. Because sometimes the price might rise up or low.


These PUBG triggers are made up of high PC materials. So, that they can get the best gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobile.

Because of the toughness of the materials, it can have a long-lasting life.

But it depends on how you use it.

The front has a Silicon cushion finished. Because of this silicon cushion, there are no chances of scratch on the screen.


  • Firstly, Good product quality
  • Secondly, It is lightweight and easy portable.
  • Third, No chance of delay because of quick sensitive respond.


  • Firstly, You have to make sure before buying, it is compatible with the thickness of 7.5 mm only.


NOYMI Pubg Trigger Controller

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One: 4”

We can see the difference those who plays in Thumb, 3 Finger, 4 Finger, 5 Finger and 6 Finger right?

So, why not to try this Noymi 6 Finger PUBG Game Assistant. There is a high chance of boosting your performance on game.

Not only this it can increase the probability of getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and enjoy the enjoyment of the game.

Price & Warranty:

The price of the product is Rs.469. No specific warranty is given on this product.

Pros :

  • Firstly, Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Secondly, Good built quality.
  • Thirdly, It has a better grip and rotatable trigger.
  • Fourth, No screen block.
  • Lastly, It has a tight grip for holding mobile.

Cons :

  • In comparison to other it has a low sensetivity.


Here you can check out more products on Noymi PUBG Mobile Triggers.


LTK Thanos X7 Mobile Pubg Trigger

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One 3.8”

Eating Chicken Dinner quickly might be easy with the help of this LTK Thanos X7 Mobile Pubg Trigger.

There is a high chance that this trigger could give more gaming experience. And because of its compact design its makes the trigger lightweight and easy to use and installation.

Supported Devices for games on iPhone and Android, PUBG, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale,Critical Ops.

It has a metallic button easy to use and ABS high-quality material, Hypersensitive Shooting with your index finger while your thumb is moving.

Price & Warranty:

LTK Thanos X7 Mobile PUBG Trigger come with Rs. 380. The warranty of this product is 90 days, Within these 90 days if you have any manufacturing issue you can contact the manufacturers.

Pros :

  • Firstly, Reduce reaction.
  • Secondly, There is no blocking in the map.
  • Thirdly, Sensitivity is Ok.
  • Forthly, It has a good grip to handle.

Cons :

  • Firstly, Pricey.
  • Lastly, It could have been improved, the price and the product does not match.

(Reccomend to remove the back cover of a phone, because there is a high probability that with back it might not fit. And also it depends on your mobioe phone thickness.)


Secro PUBG Mobile Game Controller L1R1

“Overall Performance Ratings By Staff Place One 3.7”

Every match getting a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner would be a dream of every PUBG Mobile player.

This is not possible in any way. But with the help of this best PUBG mobile trigger, it can increase the chance of winning a game.

And it actually depends on how you utilize the triggers.

The clip design of this PUBG Mobile Tigger is for Android and iPhone. And it is compatible with all devices.

The material is made with high-quality plastic and metal.

Price & Warranty:

The price of this product is Rs.122. This Best Secro PUBG Mobile Triggers has 6 months warranty covering only manufacturing defects.


  • Firstly, The interface is wireless.
  • Secondly, Compatible on all devices.
  • Third, Value for money.

Recommended to remove the phone case while installing the PUBG trigger.


Best PUBG Mobile Triggers Setting

  • Start the game and go to “Setting” “Control” “Customize
  • Customize the “Aim” and “Shoot” button. To the upper left and right corner of your phone screen. Where you want to be your controller button. And then fit on the controller.
  • Make sure everything is in place and “save” the setup.

Important Tip:-

We now have PUBG triggers installed.

If you have problems after installation, such as fire delay or open scope delay.

You must do this, “Press the power button to shut off your phone and then shut on again after a second.”

The PUBG Mobile Games Triggers are supported by Android and Ios.

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