Top 5 Best Earphones Under 500 ₹ in India 2023


If you’re looking for options that sound great and feel comfortable, this list is perfect. The best earphones under 500 ₹ in India 2021 will give you amazing quality music and keep your ears from getting sore!

A lot of us don’t want to spend too much money on earphones because we’re not sure if it’s worth the investment. So, what is the minimum amount you should invest in a set? What are some good options for those of us who use our earphones primarily for gaming and other activities like listening to music or calling people?

This post will help answer these questions by showcasing five different sets that are all under 500 ₹. These options provide excellent sound quality and wide frequency ranges so they can be used with any activity or device.

Top 5 Best Earphones Under 500 ₹ in India 2021-

1. Samsung EHS64AVFBECINU ₹ 449Amazon
2. Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution₹ 399Amazon
3. realme Buds Classic ₹ 399Amazon
4. Boult Audio BassBuds X1₹ 299Amazon
5. Boat Bassheads 100₹ 379Amazon

1. Samsung EHS64AVFBECINU Review

These lightweight and compact earphones are perfect for everyone from athletes to bikers. Whether you’re taking a jog or hopping on your bike, these in-ear headphones don’t sacrifice sound quality and come with an adjustable cord so that they can be easily worn under hats or helmets without getting caught up.

The earphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The design helps minimize ear canal fatigue and pressure points, which makes these the perfect accessory for listening sessions that last a long time!

These earphones are worth the investment. They come with a sleek design and affordable price, which is unheard of for quality made products these days. In addition to being perfect in terms of sound stability, you can also use them as headphones without worrying about wires getting tangled or your phone falling out from between your fingers.

The microphone will produce clear communication so that people at the other end know what’s going on during important conversations nevermind taking off an uncomfortable set of headgear just to have someone hear what you’re saying over fragile cellular service again!

The Samsung Earphones let you have a fully balanced audio experience with an defined bass, treble not overpowering mids, clear mic for crystal phone conversations. These earbuds are perfect if there’s any chance of the music getting into your work or just wanting uninterrupted time without being interrupted by calls.

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2. Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Wired Earphone Review

When you want to enjoy your favorite music in the highest quality possible, it’s important that you have earphones made for Hi-Res Audio. This is what offer by Redmi Earphone. These sleek and stylish looking earpieces are designed with a sound chamber of aluminum alloy which houses 10mm dynamic drivers guaranteeing full vocals, strong basses and good treble performance.

They also come complete with an HD microphone so that there will be no background noise or feedback when making calls on your phone. The included wire-controlled microphone gives clear voice transmission while being fully flexible thanks to its Y shaped cables . You can use these headphones any way without fear because they work great underwater too!

Redmi earphones has a 1.25m strong and flexible cable, which is great for listening to music with your portable devices. They have a multifunction button that makes answering or ending calls easy just press the one button on the cord and you’re done! These are also designed ergonomically so they fit snugly in your ears without any pain at all.

And what’s more? A 90 ˚ angle has been put into place (at the audio jack) to increase their durability over time as well as support almost every type of mobile device out there with 3.5mm jacks available like laptops, phones etc…

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3. realme Buds Classic Wired Earphones Review

This is a great pair of headphones that will not only improve sound quality but also make you look good! The Realme Buds Classic features an in-line HD microphone which means it can be used for calling and voice assistant. What’s the best feature?

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It has 14.2mm drivers so your bass gets deeper, vocals clearer, with overall improved sound production (we all know how important audio output is). And just to top this off – these real deal buds are stylish too because they match whatever style statement you’re trying to set every single day

The earbuds have a built-in cable organizer to make sure your cables stay organized and don’t get tangled. The remote helps you control music without taking out the phone, with easy access for changing songs or answering calls.

Large 14mm drivers ensure high fidelity sound so that even subtle details are heard loud and clear! This durable TPU material won’t let any of your wires fray from daily use, making them perfect for every occasion

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4. Boult Audio BassBuds X1 Review

The In-line Controls on these earphones are super convenient. You can answer/reject calls, play or pause your mmusi. The Ergonomically Designed Drivers make the best acoustics possible with 3D HD sound that’s not only punchy but also has a “wonderful” bass. Ear fins for Sport Fit keep them in place while you’re doing whatever it is you enjoy outdoors such as running, climbing, hiking etc.

Lightweight & comfortable beyond words which makes them perfect premium metal finish will show everyone how much of an audiophile you really are without breaking the bank.

The built-in microphone of the earphones allows for crystal clear HD calls, providing an incredible audio experience. The High Fidelity Acoustics supply a sound full of rich and crisp tones with precision, natural wood delivers bright tone that anyone can enjoy.

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5. Boat Bassheads 100

The Boat BassHeads 100 features a sleek, Hawk design that makes it look attractive. Along with an ultra-lightweight body and tangle free cable this earphone is perfect for the on-the go lifestyle! The boat’s lightweight plastic build also means you can take these anywhere without worry of damaging them in watery conditions.

While not waterproof or resistant to moisture avoid using your head phones near wet areas as damage may occur upon contact. Volume control options include Call End/Pick Up, Previous Track/Next Track Play ad Pause Music which are all accessible through the built-in controls while there’s no option for volume adjustment itself if needed be control through smartphone.

The lack of active noise cancellation makes this headphone one to avoid for those who work in noisy environments or want excellent sound isolation. Boat BassHeads 100 headphones are perfect for any kind of music. The sound is powerful, with a good loudness and impressive audio separation that will please even the most demanding listeners.

They’re great for an outdoors lifestyle but you’ll need to have your volume at least 80% on this one to get balanced sounds. These earphones have quality sound that is not too overpowering and provide an accurate reproduction of the audio with a natural bass.

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Best Earphones Under 500 ₹ Conclusion-

In the world of headphones, there are many options. But what makes one pair better than another? The answer to that question will depend on your personal needs. If you need earphones for a workout, or if you want something with great sound quality and durability, then the above list are the one that we recommend 5 best picks under 500 ₹ for 2021.

I know it is hard to choose which earphones are the best under 500. There are a lot of choices when it comes to earphones, and what you need from them will depend on your needs.

If wired headphones suit your lifestyle better, then we’ve got plenty of high-quality recommendations with an amazing bass response as well! No matter what you end up choosing, make sure they fit comfortably with good sound isolation so that you can enjoy their audio fidelity anywhere without being distracted by ambient noise around you.

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