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Best Car Charger For Android & IPhone In india 2023 | With Ultimate Buying Guide


Before buying any USB Best Car Charger For Android & IPhone there are something to look forward. Because of that it can fulfill the need of buying.

Below Are Key Point To Consider Before Buying Any Type Of Best Car Charger:

1. Quality: When buying any type of product quality should be the first concern. The reason is that if the product quality is not a top notch one it can have a side effects on other device when using it. In fact, even if you purchase on online you should focus on the brand which already have a popular in terms of quality and durability. Because of that instead of buying a cheap one it would be a good idea which have are a bit pricy.

2. Size: Size should also be consider because the size of all the car charger aren’t the same, the reason is that the the charger which have a more functionality and outlet usually come in big size. Make sure that there won’t be any difficulty or the point is not near the driver control. Also make sure the charger will not obstruct any thing and can be control easily.

3. Quick Charge Availability: Quick Charge or Fast Charge is available in most of the smartphone now a day. But different device use different name like Apple DP mostly for Apple devices, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging for Samsung devices and Qualcomm Quick Charge indeed it is available in most devices and it isis one of the most quick charge facility. Qualcomm Quick Charge is mostly found on the car charger, so if you want make sure if your devices support this facility or not.

4. Multiple No. Of Ports: Consider what device you want to charge or how many device you would like to charge at the same time. The car charger have a single port, double port, triple port and some has a four port system. At some point it’s better to have multiple port charger than a single port.

5. Power: Knowing the power of the device is one the main thing should be consider. The reason is that you can buy the exact charger. Additionally car charger have a power output of 2.1 Amp, 2.4 Amp or 4.8 Amp or may be more than this. But make sure that the charger output has provide the same output power.

6. In-Built Lead: At some point buying the charger that come with an inbuilt lead might not be a good idea. The reason is that it can become nuisance or they are the first thing to break or it can quickly render the charger useless. However this is also depends on the personal opinion.

The Best USB Mobile Phone Car Charger For Android & IPhone In India:

Product NamePriceBuy On
boAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger₹449Amazon
AmazonBasics 4.8 Amp/24W Dual USB ₹499Amazon
Amkette Power Pro 3 Port USB ₹499Amazon
Portronics POR 334 3 USB Port₹499Amazon
Mivi CC2QC3 Dual Port ₹854Amazon

1. boAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger – Review

Tha Boat Dual Rapid is sleek and minimalist, with a design that matches every car’s interior. It comes with a small LED power light, for indicating wether the device is charge or not.

BoAt Dual Rapid Car Quick charger 3.0 is perfect for all your charging needs. The reason is that it has the ability to charge the devices four times faster than any other conventional charger. The Smart IC optimum smart charging technology is really help the devices in charging because it distribute the power to Qualcomm compatible products and other non-Qualcomm Quick Charge devices up to 5 V / 2.4 Amps.

The Boat Rapid Charge has a technology for fined tuned power output with more optimized charging cycles up to 45% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0. It is also Compatible with a full range of USB-powered connection types tech whether Android, Apple, Bluetooth speakers or headphones, smartwatches, dash cams, etc.

The USB port adapts to your devices with advanced circuitry with built in safeguards to protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging to provide the safest maximum recharge rate with up to 2.4A of dedicated output available, so you can plug it in any way for the most convenient charging experience.

The Rapid charge is designed to work with all popular USB, lightning & type C powered devices from iPhones to android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more. It also provides standard charging for non-Quick Charge devices.

Whatever USB powered gear you’ve got; the Dual Rapid Car Charger has got you covered. All Snapdragon 820 & 810 devices are compatible with rapid quick charge 3.0. The Rapid quick charger 3.0 is backwards compatible with all versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0). So, no need to worry, rapid charge has got you covered.

2. AmazonBasics 4.8 Amp/24W Dual USB – Review

AmazonBasics 4.8 Amp/24W Dual USB Car Charger for Apple & Android DevicesTurn your car’s DC adapter (cigarette-lighter socket) into a high-speed charging station with the AmazonBasics 4.8 Amp/24W Dual USB Car Charger for Apple & Android Devices.

Plugged in, the two-port 24-watt USB car charger can quickly charge two devices at the same time—great for phones, tablets, and other must-have devices.Note: charging cable not included.

Each port can charge at a speed of up to 2.4 amps, and the charger offers a maximum overall charging speed of 4.8 amps.Note: Qualcomm Quick Charge is not supported.

The USB car charger works with a variety of Apple and Android devices, including iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, Galaxy S7, S6, Edge, Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad mini, LG, Nexus, HTC, and more.

The car charger offers a 12 / 24 volt input, and its discrete, non-distracting LED confirms a successful connection. Lightweight and compact, the AmazonBasics dual USB car charger slips easily into a backpack or bag for convenient portability.

3. Amkette Power Pro 3 Port USB Car Charger – Review

Amkette Power Pro QC 3.0 Car Charger is robust and high-quality materials ensure that the car charger will last for a really long time. And a perfect companion for your car. Compatible with a majority of devices, the car charger is able to automatically adjust the output current to provide the optimum charging speed for your device.

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With QC 3.0 you charge compatible devices up to 4x faster than regular chargers. For Apple and Non-QC Devices, SmartFlux technology automatically adjusts the output current depending on the device.

Compatible with all devices that support QuickCharge 3.0 / 2.0, Adaptive Fast Charge, Turbo Charge and supports all devices with USB Type C, Micro USB, and Apple. Charge 3 devices simultaneously, with 3 USB ports with optimised charging speed according to your device.

To protect your smartphone or tablet against overcharging, overheating and short circuit situations. Charger is safe to use with all kind of devices. Be it a mobile or a Bluetooth speaker.

Compatible with all micro USB devices including Turbo Charge (Motorola), Adaptive Fast Charge (Samsung), Quick Charge (Redmi, Oppo), etc. Compatible with majority of Type C Devices including, Adaptive Fast Charge (Samsung), Quick Charge (Redmi, Oppo, Vivo), Turbo Charge (Motorola), etc. Compatible with all iPhone devices including, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, etc. Not Compatible with Dash Charge (One Plus), Warp Charge (One Plus) & Vooc Charge (Oppo)

4. Portronics POR 334 3 USB Port -Review

Its design makes it easy to carry and it will fit into the dashboard of all cars which is a great feature because most of the adapters today are either too big or are an ergonomic failure which makes them impossible to fit in the car.

Car Power will save you from those frustrating moments when you have to travel long distances without good music as you will be able to charge your phone while listening to your favourite songs. Grab one today to ensure that all your devices never run out of battery.

When you have this product, you would not have to take frequent stops during long travels to charge your device at the nearest socket available as you can keep charging your device while travelling in the mobile adapter4.8A Power Output.

Charge your mobile devices in your car with this adapter, Works with your own USB cable also have a inbuilt Micro cable, Smart chip monitors both the charger and connected device for safe charging, DC input: 12V. Each output if used will give 1.6A (Approx) in each socket.

Three USB PortsCar Power 2 has three USB ports, which means you can charge three devices at once. This feature is a boon for a group of travelers who had to wait for their turn charge a device. You can simultaneously charge your phone as well as your tab or camera with mobile adapter.

In-built short circuit protection makes it a safe device which adapts to the power supply and automatically shuts down in case of an interference which might not be mobile charger.

It supports all kinds of devices and can quickly charge a mobile phone, camera or tab without a hiccup. You do not have to carry multiple chargers when you have Car Power as it can efficiently charge all.

5. Mivi CC2QC3 Dual Port – Review

The Mivi Quick Charge 3.0 is made-up of premium components with a designed curved metallic construction for better finish and durability. In short the Mivi’s car charger is compact having a dual port USB charger which is easy to use on the go.

The dual premium port USB quick charger is able to charges the compatible devices up to 4x more than the ordinary charger. Most importantly it is ideal for almost any vehicle as well as smartphone.

After connecting to the cigarette lighter port, the Migi Quick Charge can simultaneously power two devices at the same time. Indeed, both the port support a dual quick charge 3.0 and the dedicated charging port have a power output of 2.4A. Apart from this it is has all round protection features which means while charging the devices it safeguard the devices completely safe.

Another important features is the Smart Charge Auto Detect Technology, this features has the ability to detect the device and charge in the best fastest possible with a supported speed.

But for a quick charge in order to work whether your smartphone or tablet devices must have a support of qualcomm quick charging technology. Other wise it won’t work or it will charge the devices in a normal speed. In short the Smart Charge Auto Detect Technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charge.

The 3.0 surge protection from Mivi Fast Charge includes short circuit protection, single-port current protection nd output and current temperature monitoring to give you and your devices complete protection. The USB charger is automatic, regardless of the voltage, to secure and charge your device at a steady pace.

Final Words:

These are the Best Car Charger in India for Android and IPhone in India as per Amazon Customer Review and our investigation.

However all the Best Car Charger listed here doesn’t provide the same output power and the number of port available. In fact if you don’t find any charger as per you’re requirements you can check HERE ON AMAZON other car charger that provide more power output.

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