Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 Rupees in India 2023


Whether it’s a house party, outdoor for celebration or for personal use. Owning a good Bluetooth speakers is a must. So, why not to check out our list on Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 Rupees in India.

[NoteIn this article we will be covering only the speaker prices between ₹.4, 299 to ₹.5, 000. Other articles that has a different price point you can find it HERE.]

List Of Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 Rupees in India:

ProductsPriceBuy On
1. JBL Flip 4₹4,999Amazon
2. boAt Stone 1400₹4,999Amazon
3. Tribit StormBox₹4,999Amazon
4. Soundcore Anker Flare₹5,000Amazon
5. Doss Soundbox₹4,999Amazon
6. JBL Tuner₹4,299Amazon

1. JBL Flip 4 – Review

Like other portable speaker, JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker has a familiar cylindrical shape. The body consist of rigid plastic. The key 40 mm drivers are behind the body grilled. A passive bass radiator is available at either end of the speaker.

JBL’s primary media outlet is on the front. There are four raised buttons – bluetooth pairing, up/down volume, and play/pause buttons that are configurable for others.

To the back it contains a lanyard for easy transportation, a power button and easy-to-read LED alerts. To the right there’s a water resistant flap that covers a 3.5 mm port and a Micro USB port to charge the unit.

One of the most important features is that the Play Button can be reconfigured by Voice Assistant like Google Assistant or Siri. For that you need to install the JBL Connect Plus App if you want the full functionality feature. The app is available for Android and the IOS.

A speaker phone can be used in addition to this speaker. The Flip 4 is an IPX7 classification, meaning that it can be submerged for half hours in water up to 1 M. But like other speakers with this feature, it does not float.

If you want an immersive stereo sound you can connect upto two smartphones or tablet at the same time. To amplify the sound more using the feature Connect Plus you can connect the same speaker that has the feature more than at the same time. It has a Bluetooth support of A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2. and it has a 4.2 Bluetooth version.

For battery it has a rechargeable Li-ion integrated 3000mAh. With a single full charge up to 12 hours of playing time is provided. In 3.5 hours the speaker can be fully charged.

The JBL Flip 4 is equipped with a 16W and the sound output is really great from a speaker of this size it s loud enough to use in and outdoor. Every type of song is comfortable to listen at a moderate volume level.

The bass of Flip 4 has the right amount of boomy and no jumble with other frequencies. In fact it has the punchy or thumping bass. But the bass is used to get a bit distorted and trembly when you hit the maximum level.

The mid output is straightforward enough even at high volumes. Neither the vocal nor the instrument are forward. This is a very good job to have a high pitch clear and succinct. The instrumental background sound is not raspy or tinny and you can listen really comfortably. In fact, the volume should be between 60 and 70 percent if you want the best audio and comfortable listening.

2. boAt Stone 1400

The BoAt Stone 1400 material is very hard and sufficiently good. The design makes it perfect for rough use. Also it has a 70mm outer & 30mm inner drivers.

Coming to the design of the speaker, on the front metal grill is incorporated with boAt logo. The connecting port viz Auxiliary, USB, and a charging port with a type-C are situated at the rear of the speaker.

At top of the speaker it has the control buttons and battery indicator. Play/Pause, previous/next track, on/off, and indoor/outdoor. The bass radiator is situated on both sides to maximise the output tone.

Besides this it also has strap for an easy portability. But Stone 1400 has only an IPX5 rating.

The Bluetooth Speaker boAt Stone 1400 has a built-in microphone on the side of the LED battery indicator. This ensures that the devices and speakers do not need to be unplugged to attend call. boAt Stone 1400 30 W is fitted with just Bluetooth 4.2 with a communication range of 10 M.

The Stone 1400 has a rechargeable 2500mAh Lithium-ion Battery, equipped with a type C charge cable. By setting the volume at 70%, the battery will last for five hours. It will last about 3 hours with a full volume. Around 4.5 are required to full the speaker entirely.

The 30 Watt claim by the company do the justice. To make you more understanding let divide into three parts viz- Highs, Mids and Low.

The Mids- If you set the volume at 80 percent level, this part handle the high like a boss. What I mean is that nothing temper as well as reduce. Indeed it is clear, crisp and pleasant.

Indeed, it does not produce sharp the output sound which make less hassle while listening. In short it is perfect and it is meant what is to be.

The Mids- Especially the mids represent the vocals part. However in this section it does the job well. It is so rich, smooth and wholesome and they are just amazing.

The Lows- If you are a Bass Lovers and hunting for Extra Bass Wireless Mouthpiece I think this won’t disappoint you.

In Outdoor mode there is a little bit down in the bass section. Regarding the distortion upto 80 percent you won’t get any. But at 90 to 100 percent volume there is a little bit distortion on sound.

3. Tribit StormBox – Review

The Tribit Stormbox bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker that offers 360-degree sound. The speaker is about 7 cm long and 2.5 inches wide and weighs about 578 grammes.

The Stormbox design is thin and the overall construction is solid. The ends of the speakers are lined with a mesh raised tough finish.

A convenient brace with a wide noticeable buttons is put in the front of the speakers. Through this it can operate a volume levels and a multi-function button Play/Pause and Next/Previous track.

The speaker back is fitted with a power button, battery level light, bluetooth pairing and extra bass button. You can turn it on by pressing it if you are not satisfied with regular bass. Below is a rubber flap covering The port for charging and the aux input.

Taking StormBox to the beach or pool side is not a threat. Because it has the ability to stand against any water conditions. Even if you submerged into water it won’t the pose the music. This makes it possible by waterproof (IPX7) rating.

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StormBox use an advanced bluetooth 4.2 technology provides a completely wireless connection with more than 66ft range. If you want an impressive stereo sound it had the ability to connect up to smartphones or tablets to the speaker.

The Stormbox features 20 hours of playtime with a 2600mAh battery and it takes 4 hours to fully charge.

The Tribit Stormbox sounds output is very good in compare to the size. The bass is tight, punchy and excellent. If you like, you can also turn on the X bass for more bass.

The mids as well as highs come in clear it’s not too bright sounding. It provide a good amount of treble. Volume levels can be turned up at a high level with no issues. Even at high there’s no distortion. But there is a marked lag when playing video.

4. Soundcore Anker Flare – Review

The style and appearance of the speaker is highly minimalist and looks premium. It is wrapped in a soft, elegant fabric with a slightly rubber feeling on the button. The Flare is a complete 360 omnidirectional sound.

Two back-to-back drivers with passive bass radiator are situated under the cylindrical body. There is a Bluetooth button next to the bottom of the speaker, a control button and a 3.5 mm jack and a Micro USB port under the flap. You can also configure the light effect and adjust the sound with the Anker app.

It is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 technology with a range for about 66 feet. An integrated microphone is also available, which allows you to call hand-free. Besides Bluetooth it also has a support of aux port that will allows you to plug in and play.

In any environmental conditions, Souncore Flare can be used as the IPX7 is extremely secure and protects from spills, rain and even complete submersion of water.

The battery life of Souncore Flare is up to 12 hours, however if you use at 100 percent with LED light on it can last for about 5 to 6 hours. It means that less volume and without LED light it will give you more battery life. But it takes 3.5 hours to get fully charged.

The sound quality at any volume level is obviously fine. However there is a little distortion at highs when playing at maximum volume. At moderate volume the high are just good and they do justice to it.

The mids were really differentiated without interference from the background instrument. Even while playing heavy music the vocals are really clear and shine.

Also the lower ends are smooth and balanced perfectly. There’s no overpowering in bass. But it is slightly cramped when you press the BassUp button. But you’ll like that if your bass head.

5. Doss Soundbox – Review

Doss SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker design and construction quality is very smooth and friendly. The whole body of the speaker is packed with a smooth finish in solid aluminium.

There are two drivers on the front, but it seems no drivers appear on the rear. The top of the unit is matte finish with a control button. The touch button has several features, a Bluetooth pairing, an previous/next track and the volume rocker in the middle.

The 3.5mm audio jack, SD Card port and the micro USB port to charge are located to the rear of the speaker. And the LED light below the charging port shows the system whether it is charge or not

It also has an IPX4 rating, so you do not have to worry about from dust and water splashes from any directions.

The SoundBox has advanced 4.0 Bluetooth technology and is compatible with all Bluetooth systems. Other than that, music can also be enjoy using 3.5 mm audio jack and microSD card.

The DOSS SoundBox has a rechargeable Li-Ion 2200mAh and promises up to 12 hours of playtime at a capacity of 50 percent volume. It can take approximately three hours to reach the full charge status.

The speaker output is fairly decent and loud for indoor use but the sound loudness appears quite poor outdoors. No sub bass or warm vibrating, but the SoundBox bass is clean and simple with thump and punchy.

The sound in the mids is smooth and simple, and the high notes are not pleasant. There is also a clean treble without rough tone in ear. Also the DOSS SoundBox is very appropriate for any kind of music.

6. JBL Tuner

The JBL Tuner FM has a  complete plastic material it doesn’t not only makes the speaker lightweight, but also compact and portable. In addition, a wrought metal grill on the top and the front makes the look more complete.

But the sad part is that, this speaker does not feature any IPX rating. This means that this speaker is not Water Resistant, Dust Proof nor Water Proof. Because of this you have to carefully handle in wet conditions.

Additionally, to include more delicate quality and soft touch feel both side of a speaker has a completing of silicon material. Besides, you will likewise get a Power Button at the left half of the speaker.

Keeping aside, the front has a company logo, including LCD display at left upper side. Which can indicate the battery percentage as well as FM channel. However, majority of control button are given at top of it.

At rear there is a JBL logo in center, at upper side there is a recieving wire for a Radio. What’s more, underneath the logo there is a charging port and Aux Port. To include greater steadiness two cushioning are appended to the base of a speaker.

The portable Bluetooth Speaker JBL Tuner connection component has a Bluetooth version 4.1. It also provides an Aux Port which can be used as wireless streaming without interruption. But like other, it has no stereo mode support.

It comes with a 1500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery for charging the battery it use a micro-USB port up to 3.7V. The music play time could last up to eight hours with a single full charge. It can take up to 3.5 hours to completely charge the battery from 0% to 100%.

The Bass come up short on that punchy and profound bass dissimilar to other JBL. It doesn’t imply that it lack the bass, yet it implied adequately.

The mids are likewise fine and great. It doesn’t add a lot of weight to the upper vocal. They are well parity and clear. The High Frequencies are additionally fresh and clear. And yes, at high there is some distortion, but not so much.

This Tuner FM is particularly designed as FM Radio, in this part it truly carried out the responsibility well. The sound in any event, hearing the news, conversation or melody the quality is simply incredible. It actually produce a quality output sound.

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