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Best Casual Backpacks Under 500 Rupees in India-2023


After spending days of researching online from Amazon and Flipkart for finding out the best casual backpacks under 500 rupees in India 2022. Now, we have the ultimate collection of best casual backpacks you are searching for.

All the selection of casual backpacks under 500 Rupees are worth every penny. On the other hand all the selected best casual daypack might not be same in size and some are Laptop capability and some are not. Some might be suitable for college students or for school students.

10 Best Backpacks Under 500 Rupees in India-2022

1. POLESTAR Casual Backpack  Under 500 Rupees

This easygoing knapsack includes light in weight and tough texture , 2 enormous compartments. It come with 1 multi utility side pocket, zipper conclusion and a flexible shoulder tie for client comfort.

It highlights two extensive zippered compartments. That are extraordinary for more established children who need to convey a ton of course books every day at school. The back board is additionally cushioned, giving premium solace.

Produced using Ultra light premium water safe polyester texture, give reinforce and enduring execution.

  • Because its a value of money products.
  • This casaual backpack can be use for daily purposes because of its good material quality.
  • Because it is fully padded and the bottom has also a nice padding.
  • It also has a good zipper quality.
  • Because this item is not capable of carrying heavy items.
  • It has a less compartment.

2. Gear 22 ltrs Black and Royal Blue Casual Backpack

This casual backpack from Gear might be the best choice for school student or college student who are in search of good and nice looking design.

However, the material use in this bags is Polyester in the inner and outer. So, for that this casual backpack under 500 rupees might be perfect backpack sporty person. Not only that, the outer body material is water resistant, which makes tension free while going out in harsh weather climate condition.

This bags has a dimension of 49 cms x 31.5 cms x 15 cms (LxWxH). It also has a two compartments and front zip pocket and side pocket and a Laptop conpartments. The adjustable straps will make it more comfort while carrying heavy loads.

  • Because its a value of money products.
  • It also has a good built quality.
  • Zip quality is also quite good enought.
  • Light Weight
  • If it is use with proper care the durability of the backpacks will not let you down.

What We Don’t Like About Product:

  • Because of its small size it is not suitable for travelling.

3. AUXTER Blacky 30 LTR School Bag Casual Backpack

This casual backpack or laptop bag comes with two large compartment and a Laptop compartment. Because of its large compartments you could easily carry all your clothes and essentials items. And this , college, travelling and office goers.

It also has a mesh organizer pocket for making it easy to access and keeping it safe.

But in the Laptop Compartment it does not provide any protection, you have to have take care the Laptop at moderate level.

The Product Dimensions is (L x W x H): 47 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm and the Volume is 30 Liters.

Regarding the front material of this backpack is Leather Polyester. The compartment material is a composite of imported polyester material. And the back side of the bags is made of mesh material.

And one thing this bag is not a leather backpacks. Because of it material used in this knapsacks. It only look like leather. That is why, you need to take a little bit care of it.

This casual backpack is not waterproof and its only a water resistant.

What We Like About The Product:

  • Value For Money.
  • Good Material Quality.
  • Because of Its Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Front Mesh Materials It Make Really Comfortable To Carry.
  • Light Weight.
  • Nice Stitching.

What We Don’t Like About The Product:

  • It Cannot Loads Heavy Weight.
  • The Durability Depends On How You Utilise The Backpack.

4. SAFARI Casual Backpack Under 500 Rupees

This casual backpacks under 500 rupees, might be an ideal knapsack for the one who are in search of small size. Because, this 15 Litre got you back for your short trips.

Not only that it could be a good backpack for the ones who use to travel across a city on a daily basis. On the other hand, it can be use for college or school backpacks for students who use to carry small number of books.

However, with a 15 litre capacity daypack lets you carry your wallet, umbrella, kerchief, keys, earphones, Notepad, pens and other essentials.

This backpacks is compact size and it also has 2 Compartment.

The drawstring compartment lets you dump things that you pick up on your way.

The outer is made up of polyester. And the dimensions is 12 cms x 27 cms x 41 cms (LxWxH). And it weight just 200 grams. It comes with 18 months warranty.

What We Like About The Product:

  • Value for money.
  • Light Weight and Comfortable.
  • Good material quality.
  • Good for carrying essantials items.

What We Dont Like About The Product:

  • This backpack is not compitable for carrying Laptops.
  • Not Water Resistant.
  • Because of its compact size this bags could not carry too much wight. In fact, the maximum weight should be not more than 1 kg or 2 kg.
  • You cannot use as a Laptop bag.

5. Auxter Red Polyester 20L Avengers Captain America Backpack

This casual backpacks under 500 rupees might be the best treat for Marvel Captain America fans. Because of its look and design this might be the best casual backpacks attention grabber under 500 rupees.

The design of this backpack is Captain America’s shield at the back and the round shape make the looks more attractive.

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To give more comfort and durable this backpacks is made up of polyester. Because, of the plyester this backpacks is not only lightweight, it also increase the sturdiness and breathable. And also has nylon zip and nylon hook, which makes more strong the zipper and easy access.

This backpacks also features water resistant.

Regarding the compartment only one main comparment is available and inner mesh side pockets for keeping small stuffs.

The capacity of the bag pack is 20 Litre. Product Dimensions: Length – 38 cm x Width – 38 cm x Breadth – 12 cm.

This unisex casual backpacks under 500 rupees can be an ideal backpacks for gym, school, college, travel etc. It can also go well with an casual outfit.

What We Like About The Product:

  • Value For Money.
  • Good Material and Quality.
  • Strong Straps.
  • Large Inner Capacity.
  • Because It Had Good Quality Chain and Zipper.

What We Don’t Like About The Product:

  • You cannot use as a Laptop bag.
  • The maximum weight taken weight should be 3 kg, because the shoulder straps are not padded.
  • Because of the symmetrical pads it can make you feels uncomfort sometimes.

6. POLESTAR Hero 32 Lt Casual Backpack

This best casual backpacks under 500 rupees comes with a fancy looks. The suitable outline is fashionable and current whilst as yet having a legacy feel.

There is nothing confounded in this sack, it features a two open number. One chamber for books and covers in addition to a little the front pocket to stash each single individual issue. And it also has a side pocket for keeping water bottle.

The item is produced the usage of polyester inside and outdoor. On the other hand, this backpacks also features a water resistant material.

This backpack is extremely light in weight with open cubicles, delicate shell, zipper conclusion. The shoulder straps is targeted in the direction of both men and women orientations to be applied at some stage.

7. Uni Walk Urban 20 L Backpack

This Uni Walk Urban 20 L lightweigh backpack is available in 5 colors. This multi-purpose backpacks be useful for carrying all your essantials need on a daily basis.

This casual backpacks under 500 rupees features one main compartments, one zip front pockets and a side pocket for keeping water bottles. The main compartments has enough large room for your gears.

The dimension of the backpacks is WxH:12×17 inch. And the materials use in this product is polyester. The materials of this backpack also features water resistant.

However, this bags can be use in a short travel trips, school, college, office etc.

8. Billion Casual Backpacks Under 500 Rupees

This backpacks from Billion come with an extra storage for carrying extra stuff and with a Laptop sleeve.

The adjustable shoulder straps air mesh could give you comfort while carrying for a long hours. Because of a durable fabric there is a high chance of long lasting even if it use on a daily basis.

This cadual backpacks under 500 rupees is an Eco Friendly designed and a combination materials of Polyester. Because of the polyester materials this backpacks is light in weight and easy to carry.

It also features a Water Resistant and Stain Resistant. You can take this backpack anywhere, everywhere you go wether it an office, trekking , college etc.

9. Fur Jaden Casual 23 Ltrs Backpack

Fur Jaden casual backpack under 500 rupees is solid and light-weight it can keep you sorted out sooner or later of the day simultaneously as in addition being too much in vogue, nearby these strains making it the ideal present and helpful decoration for any customer – male or female.

Because of its different internal chambers it can hold all your stuff with comfort. However, this Fur Jaden backpacks under 500 rupees might be the perfect enhancement to your needs.

This backpack is over the top on design essentially as on programming and helpfulness. Hold your assets agreeable as your rating extreme at the design leftover portion with this advantageous backpack.

The texture of this Backpack from Fur Jaden is water safe, which proceeds with any worries over getting it soggy inside the storm or coincidental sprinkles underneath control. Your workstation and each other having a territory will keep on being protected from water insofar as you keep them inside your backpack.

This backpack from Fur Jaden goes with huge ability to oblige your Laptop and explicit product impacts. Weighing in at simply 500 grams and a Dimensions: 31 cms x 20 cms x 43 cms (LxWxH).

Warranty- 100% Genuine Fur Jaden Men Bags, 10 days No Question asked replacement guarantee from the date of delivery. 1 Year Manufacturer and Seller Warranty.

10. Genius Unisex Blue & White Brand Logo Backpack

This casual backpacks is ideal for work, school, or travel this blue backpack from Genius provides maximum carrying support. You’ll love the zip pocket and a zip closure on this medium-size backpack.

This Blue backpack from Genius, has a non padded haul loop. Which it consist of one main compartment with a zip closure. It also has a non padded at the back. Because, of it only one compartment zip pocket, this casual backpack under 500 rupees is not suitable carrying heavy items.

It also features a water resistance and it has warranty of 1 year which covers only for manufacturing defects. However the Product Dimensions is (LxBxH) – 27x12x41 cm.

Material & Care: Nylon, Wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust.

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