Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones Review


The Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones is really similar to the previous generation. But the technology feature has some enhancement. In India, it costs approximately ₹ 17,999.

This can be in the list of luxury headphones with this price point. Because of that there is a lot to know, though, whether this headphone is really worth or not. That is why we are going to analyse this Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones in details.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones Design & Build:

First thing first, let’s have a look at the design and build. It’s a fact regarding the looks and build are much same as the previous generations.

Even thought there’s are some improvement in the technology, but they didn’t change port which is still the same Micro USB.  Also, the 3.5mm Auxiliary Port is still with the the Solo 3.

Along with these the control buttons are still the same place volume ‘+‘ and ‘ ‘, by tapping the middle of the Beats symbol it indicate pause and play. Also, if you long press it activate Siri, Google Assistant, or Samsung Voice.

The quality of the build is similar to the previous ones, with bright ends. It looks really premium at some point, but can easily be fingerprinted.

The accents and appearances are incredible. Furthermore, scratches can generally be accomplished. The band is still a metal, but the exterior is a total plastic composition.

Although it has a whole body of plastic, it has a very well designed and decent handle. The bands are still pretty hard and it won’t be easily broken because of this. This does not mean it will withstand the extreme, which is why you must take a little care.

Comfort And Fit:

For the first time you’re wearing you might feel some shove that’s because of its hardness. It can cause you slightly warms to your ears. Yet you’ll acclimatise and feel comfortable if you wear for longer than 30 minutes.

With audible styling and sleek architecture, the Beats Solo3 Wireless remains true to its predecessor. You should customise the on-ear, coiled ear cups for your daily hearing comfort.

This natural fit, built for optimum comfort, and sound delivery, is completed with the fast flowing headphones and swivelling ear cups.

There is no strain or soreness, even though wear for a long time. Indeed, the weight is slightly a bit more heavy than the Solo 2. Apple did really a great job even though they include a new tech without adding a minimal weight.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Battery Performance:

The new chip named W1 comes with Beats Solo 3 portable headphones. Thanks to these new features, the battery protection has a real effect.

In the contrast with Solo2 there is also a major gap in battery. Which means the former can only provides up to a maximum of 12 hours battery life.

This time, indeed, Solo3 provides 40 hours of juice life with one single charge. In reality it can last 40 to 45 hours with an amount of 50 percent volumes.

But why between 40 and 45 hours, because, the setting, the frequency and the timing for music etc.

All this will play an immense role in one charge for the lifespan of a battery. However, it normally takes an hour to charge the headphones.

In addition there is a “Fast-Fuel” feature. This can effectively offer 3 hours of listening time with this feature with a charge of merely 5 minutes.


Both Wire and Wireless are used for connectivity. That means that you can play any music , video, podcast etc with 3.5 mm jack or with Bluetooth Version 4.0.

Besides this it has a compatibility of both Android and Apple devices. Because of it’s best in class W1 chips as compare to other the wireless range is very anticipating and it really works out.

Also it features the Class 1 Signal which it can offer upto 300 feet. Unlike other Bluetooth Wireless Earphones the Solo3 has a better connectivity in range.

But the Solo2 feature a Class-2 connectivity like other headset in the market. Which the range are usually shorter than this, the distance or range are usually 30 Feet ot 10 Metre.

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Because of this feature the connection are very good, even there are many walls between the devices and headphones the connection are secure and this can probably the best in connection when it come to connectivity.

Call & Mic Quality:

The overall quality of call and mic quality isn’t good. In reality, in reducing the force effect of voice transmission, the equipment and low end are poor.

It does not provide a clear voice because of this. But, without little disruption, you can use in a calm environment.

However, if you use this wireless earphones in a noisy environment, it really catches the background noises. And makes it impossible to use because of this.

Also, the Beats Solo 3 wireless Headphones isn’t a Noise Cancelling Headphones. So, if you’re prefer choice is for calling getting this won’t be a good idea.

Instead you shoul look for other options like Sony WH-1000XM3 & Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

If you prefer choise is from Beats you can also go for Beats Solo Pro that’s because this one provides a good and better noise cancellation and impressive battery characteristics compared to Solo3.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones Audio Quality:

The sounds of the Solo3 Wireless Headphones are similar to the sound of the Beats Solo 2. If you own Solo2 and want to upgrade that means you pay for extra cell life and signals. However, the choice is personal. The output sounds of the old and the new model does not vary.

If the bassy headphones is your favorite and you’re hunting for them. Beats, however, offers that once again. The bass that comes with is both deep and good for pop and hip pop music. , Sony Hear On and Sennheiser Momentum doesn’t have a strong bass, as compare to Beats Solo 3 Wireless.

Regarding the frequencies of voice and mid-range do perform very well. What I mean is that simply and distinctly, it produces a pronounce. However, often the bass level is high depending on a specific song.

The high pitched work well without being tinged harshly or early. A little more sharpness will be good to listen at the top of a range info. But these are simply bass headphones based again.

Some people may prefer a balanced sound or bass signature. You will notice that the upper bass Frequencies somehow go in the mid-range if you’re prefer choice is enhanced on the non bass. However, it usually doesn’t take place on any songs, instead only in some song.

The soundstage of these headphones depends on the audio file’s quality. Even if the audio quality is low you will get that soundstage. But you will fill nicer and warmer when the quality is good. In fact, on this headphone, the sound stage is very impressive and distinguishes from right and left to front and back.

Indeed, you can experience sound leakage while wearing it in the train, cafe, or in any other noisy atmosphere, but it’s quite fine when it comes to performance. Though there is a sound leakage, it does work well and the vocals can hear very well.

Although there is not an ANC feature, it is nice to isolate passive noise. It blocks the exterior or unnecessary noise very well when wearing this wireless headphone.


Beats Solo 3 Wireless Review : Should You Buy?

No doubts that the headphones from Beats are one of the best choices. This is certainly for bass lovers in the case of Solo3 Wireless Headphones.

If you’re a bass lovers, the bass performance can impress you even if you are very exhausted while listening, but this can vary from person to person.

Because of it’s phenomenal existence, no complain in the battery. Yeah, the selection of networking is good too.

In addition to this, the soundstage provides a great separation from passive sound when listening to music. Also Solo3 ‘s appearance and finish is fantastic.

But modern headphones really make new, fresher styles available and I’m surprised to learn that Apple has not redesigned them.

This headphone appeals to me, in many respects due to its battery life and its excellent sound quality

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